Not sure how clearing works

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ClaireInACaravan Sat 11-Aug-18 11:51:07

DD in an increasing state as she thinks she has done badly and won't meet her very tough offer at a v competitive uni. Re: clearing, how does it work with accommodation? Do you have to accept your place before you know what accommodation is available? DD has set her heart on what she sees as the ideal first year experience based on what her 2 brothers and cousins have done, so she doesn't want to go if she can't live in a big lively self catering hall. Other factor here is if only accommodation is plush ensuite no way can we afford that. So if she accepts a clearing place then can't get accom that she's happy with can she then pull out? confused

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ClaireInACaravan Sat 11-Aug-18 13:37:23


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Knittinganewme Sat 11-Aug-18 15:46:12

Presumably she thinks she'll not make her insurance offer either?

Some universities guarantee an offer of accommodation for students coming through clearing or adjustment, if the course she might want to do is at one of those then that might settle her mind. You do need to accept the course before you can start applying for accommodation but she'll not be the only one doing this. The university will help her get something but it might not be the halls of her dreams. Does she want to wait a year to get the accommodation she wants or will she compromise?

There are lots of articles out there on clearing and accommodation that explain the process, she may have to make compromises because the really popular places may have gone. If she wants to cancel a place she commits to through clearing she needs to check how long she has to do that without it costing money, leave it too long and she could be on the hook for tuition fees.

Someone with recent experience will now come along and tell you how it works. I'll just add that when DS put his accommodation application in everything was plush ensuite self catering because that's the only accommodation that uni has. If you want cheap and basic you have to arrange it yourself. If you want catered you're stuck because there isn't any.

ClaireInACaravan Sat 11-Aug-18 16:46:53

Thanks so much knitting. That's what I was worried about. Firm/ins offers are AAA AAB so not much difference and she thinks she will be lucky to get BBB. The accommodation aspect is crucial for her and she isn't in the mood to discuss. I can see that she will be taking a year off if Thursday brings bad news.

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FinallyHere Sat 11-Aug-18 17:05:32

* so she doesn't want to go if she can't live in a big lively self catering hall.*

With that level of motivation, perhaps a gap year might be the best thing all round.

Gorrillagirlfanclub Sat 11-Aug-18 17:07:43

There is a (seemingly comprehensive) guide to clearing in the guardian today. It's a pull out magazine.

24hoursinmymessyhouse Sat 11-Aug-18 17:19:54

Bit harsh finally, with fees as they are I think applicants need to be sure they are making the right choices and accommodation is an important part of that. Feeling strongly about accommodation doesn't mean she lacks motivation.


toomanyeastereggsurghh Sat 11-Aug-18 17:21:54

I’m afraid if the perfect first year experience based on the perfect halls is more important to your dd than the suitability of the course and the University then I think she needs to take a gap year. 1st of all in order to grow up a bit and realise what should be important about university(!) and secondly to enable her to find a university with suitable halls and with enough time to get exactly what she wants.
Best of luck with results day!!

TheDishRanAwayWithTheSpoon Sat 11-Aug-18 17:29:20

She might be better to take a gap year and retake/reapply if she is really worried about accommodation. That's not necessarily a bad thing, she can earn some money, maybe go travelling etc.

If she does go through clearing I don't think they will tell her before hand what accommodation there is available. She can see generally what's at the uni but not whether there's spaces or anything. You can apply to change accommodation once she's there if she doesn't like where she is, inevitably people drop out and rooms become available and she can move. She might not even get accommodation with the uni and would have to look at either a house share or private halls.

However in my experience, most uni halls across the country will be fun, it doesnt matter if you end up in a big, sociable hall or a smaller one she will be fine. She will make friends and have a good time, even if her uni halls aren't what she wanted.

bruffin Sat 11-Aug-18 17:30:01

The universities have their clearing lists out already on their websites

TheDishRanAwayWithTheSpoon Sat 11-Aug-18 17:30:05

Good luck to your dd and I hope she gets what she wants!

EduCated Sat 11-Aug-18 20:01:34

Accommodation for clearing applicants will vary massively by university, and it’s not unlikely that many won’t have any left.

A gap year really wouldn’t be a terrible thing. Working and earning some money would perhaps help her fund a more comfortable first year.

BackforGood Sat 11-Aug-18 20:51:12

I agree with 24hours. I think the right accommodation for students is really important. If you aren't happy, then you aren't likely to do as well as you might, even if you do stick it out.
I think considering the possibility of a year out, as a really positive thing, is the way forward. You can earn, save, learn to drive, take time to reconsider university options with your grades already in the bag. It makes a lot of sense.

Skiiltan Sat 11-Aug-18 20:51:51

Many universities rely on Clearing to fill places and these institutions will do everything they can to make accommodation available to students recruited in Clearing. You do have to make decisions quickly, so it's ideal if you're able to go to the university and view accommodation on the day you get an offer (or perhaps the day after if the course isn't too popular), just so you have an idea of what you're signing up for. Obviously this won't be possible for everyone. Get whatever information you can: official university details but also inside information from current students on, etc.

BackforGood Sat 11-Aug-18 20:53:27

All that said, she may be worrying unnecessarily and have got the grades, or the first or second choices she has already made might take her without her reaching the hoped for grades. It will all depend on the grades nationally, not just hers.
I hope all goes well, but tell her not to be panicked into accepting a clearing place somewhere she isn't sure about, just to go in 2018, when 2019 will still be there as an option.

ClaireInACaravan Sat 11-Aug-18 21:05:25

Thank you all smile

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MarchingFrogs Sat 11-Aug-18 22:10:16

Given that the clearing lists are already available, she could have a look now at which universities may be offering what she wants and at the accommodation policies for their clearing / adjustment applicants? Not all will have the same policy, but e.g. UEA states that those joining the university through clearing will be found accommodation.

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