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Carlathatsmeplus3 Sun 05-Aug-18 22:27:17

Hi my son is due to start college in sept. It’s 21 miles away there’s a college bus he can get. With will pic him up from local town 4 miles away. They have said if enough people in the village go to the college it will lay on a bus route to our village
I am not holding my breath
I had sorted out with another mother that she would take my son to and from the stop for fuel cost along with her daughter attending. But tonight we were informed daughter has changed mind and no longer going to the same college. I am stuck again. I do have a car. The public village bus route was cancel permanently last month. I can not afford to pay taxi cost I am totally lost at how I can get him to college

The government say they have to stay in education till they are 18. He want to stay on. Studying art which he has been passionate about since he was a tiny boy
I shaking in my boots with worry.

My son has been accept at another college that is 12 miles it’s the Closet and be but they do not provide transportation so back to square one. Is there any help we can get. I have no clue what to do

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Carlathatsmeplus3 Sun 05-Aug-18 22:29:19

Sorry should read I do not have a car.

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NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Sun 05-Aug-18 22:50:10

Can you put a shout out on your local spotted page offering to pay the fuel costs for someone driving into the village?

Or - a moped maybe?

MVLipwig Sun 05-Aug-18 23:04:45

4 miles is fairly cyclable? Or moped if you think he can be trusted

Carlathatsmeplus3 Sun 05-Aug-18 23:13:34

He can not ride a bike hates them ever since he was little We have talked about moped but his dad does not feel it’s safe as all very busy fast road.
We and then when he gets to the bus stop where would he be some to leave a bike or moped safe to ensure it was still there when he returned

Put a post up in our village earlier today no response

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Carlathatsmeplus3 Sun 05-Aug-18 23:16:24

He’s several dyslexic struggles learning things that he had not intreast in. His school tried to get him a statement. But got a snotty letter back saying they need to do more for him first so he was never statmented

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Carlathatsmeplus3 Sun 05-Aug-18 23:17:21

4milrs to bus stop 21 miles to college

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NotSuchASmugMarriedNow1 Sun 05-Aug-18 23:18:35

Can his dad drive him in? Also he can have driving lessons when he's 17 although that doesn't help immediately of course

Firstimer703 Sun 05-Aug-18 23:20:13

Whereabouts are you based? You could see if there are any Community Transport organisations near you (try If not, maybe a moped as suggested previously? Hope you figure something out!

Carlathatsmeplus3 Sun 05-Aug-18 23:50:58

His dad leaves for work very early in morning in totally opposite direction.
We are in Northamptonshire a village called Brigstock my son wants to attend Stamford college in the next county over

We plan to start him driving ASAP

At the moment I am pulling out everything I can sell to try and get enough money to buy a cheap car. Think it my only option been saving money for his bus still short for that £500 . I don’t want to take a loan out My sister suggested forget the bus. And just buy a car and drive him all the way But that does not work. My 11 yr old daughter gets school bus at 7:50 and I need to get my youngest to and from school. So I don’t have the time to drive him all the way to and collect from college So he has to have the college bus.

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NoHaudinMaWheest Mon 06-Aug-18 12:38:53

I was going to suggest appealing to the council on grounds of exceptional need but then saw that you are in Northamptonshire.
Many places have little known educational charities who might help. Google educational charities or grants and your area and see if anything comes up.

titchy Mon 06-Aug-18 13:03:53

£600 a year or £300 if you're on low income

Knittinganewme Mon 06-Aug-18 14:39:19

I would contact the college and explain the problem. It may be that there could be three or four students from your village and they could share a taxi to the bus stop. A free bus pass is of no use if there isn't a bus. It would be an hour's walk but you might be looking at unlit roads and no pavements.

Is he aware that there may be days where he's going in on the student bus for the first lesson, to then sit around all day for the bus home? I had imagined that mine would be in on the bus, out on the bus until I saw his timetable.

BubblesBuddy Tue 07-Aug-18 08:30:49

I too live in a rural area with no bus. I’m afraid you just have to choose somewhere you can get to and you have to do it under your own steam. It seems he is not going to the nearest college and this might mean the onus is on you. I would speak to the council but they are only doing their legal basics now. If you can drive I think your only option is to get a car unless the transport grant can be used for a taxi. You could ask if Northamptonshire would agree to that.

Living in a rural location has costs and this is one of them.

cathyandclare Tue 07-Aug-18 08:41:51

What about a collapsable scooter? Some students around here use them for long walks to and from the station. 4 miles will still take some time, but a little more manageable.

BubblesBuddy Tue 07-Aug-18 12:15:22

Having delved a bit further, the latest Government policy (2917) states that local authorities must give consideration to young people who live in rural areas and who cannot access public transport. They cannot differentiate between type of provision, eg school, 6th form college or fe college but might be able to only provide help if you attend the nearest suitable one. That point might need to be argued. Therefore I would speak urgently to the Transport Officer at Northampton Education and see what provision they make for rural areas. They have a duty to provide something for the 16-19 age group who don’t have immediate access to transport. I would have thought they could do taxi pick ups (minibus or car) as they do for schools.

Those of us who live rurally are used to hanging around for buses (a daily bus often) and with art, there is never a shortage of work to be done! If there is only a daily bus, lots of other students must be in the same position. I expect they go and get a coffee and have a chat if they have time to kill.

enidblyton33 Thu 09-Aug-18 22:48:50

What course is your son doing? Has he exhausted all options in Kettering or Corby? Or even Wellingborough? He could catch a bus to all from Brigstock - obviously with a connection to Wellingborough.
Also there must be a resident in Brigstock who commutes daily to Stamford - ask around - it’s a fairly large village.
Moped a good idea. Although the roads are fairly busy they are wide. He could leave it at the motor bike parking near the bus station for the day.

BubblesBuddy Fri 10-Aug-18 08:16:34

What about Tresham College? They do a number of art courses?

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