Experience of online distance masters?

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SlugsyMalone Sat 04-Aug-18 16:50:11

Wow Margaret, I’m so impressed you are managing to juggle all that! Great to hear that you are enjoying it too. That’s definitely inspired me!

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MargaretCabbage Sat 04-Aug-18 16:22:23

I’m halfway through a distance learning MA, spread over two years. It’s in the same area as my work, but I don’t have a BA and work full time and come home to two toddlers as my DH goes off to work a night shift. Sometimes I don’t know what I was thinking taking it on (when I’ve been writing assignments at 2am because the kids just don’t bloody sleep). I probably average about 12 hours a week. We had a proper break at Easter and for summer but otherwise it’s been quite relentless.

I am really glad I’ve done it. Getting good feedback for assignments makes all the stress worth it, and I have enjoyed learning new things.

I’d recommend it.

SlugsyMalone Sat 04-Aug-18 16:09:29

Thanks that’s really helpful, looks like they have 2 terms (Scottish system). I was a bit concerned it would be 16 hours a week, 52 weeks a year!
It’s such a big investment to do it (i’d get a student loan to cover two thirds of it) that I’m finding it hard to make a decision!
Deadline for applications is only a couple of weeks away so I’m thinking I’ll probably apply for next September rather than this.
Good luck with the rest of your course Oddboots smile

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OddBoots Sat 04-Aug-18 14:24:16

I think it will depend how your particular course is run, I think that is one of the things that can vary by university and by course.

Mine is three semesters a year so I have August off and then manage my own time by getting myself a little ahead to get breaks at Christmas and Easter.

You said your job and your subject are in the same field so it probably won't take you as many hours, I am not the quickest learner so my hours are going to be on the upper end of normal.

SlugsyMalone Sat 04-Aug-18 13:52:58

Thanks for your reply OddBoots, do you still find it’s around 16 hours, even out of term time? Or does it not run according to terms? I’m thinking 16 hours every week for 3 years solid might be a bit of a stretch for me!

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OddBoots Sat 04-Aug-18 13:47:26

I am doing an MSc that is also stretched over 3 years, not with a RG university though.

I work 4 days a week and find my masters takes me 16 hours a week on average (sometimes more, sometimes less) but my MSc is a conversion course in a very different subject to my BSc which in turn is very different to my job so it probably takes me longer to do than most people would take.

I have 2 teen dc (one at uni much of the time) and other caring responsibilities so some of my study has to be shuffled about and done sat in the car or similar while dd is at an activity.

SlugsyMalone Sat 04-Aug-18 13:39:20

Hi, hoping for some advice on this, I’m really tempted to do an online distance masters, I’ve found a course I’d love to do, run by a Russell group uni (it’s flexible over 3 years). I work 3 days a week (in a field related to the masters) and have 3 teenage DC. How tough is it fitting something like this in, anyone any idea of roughly how many hours a week I should realistically be looking at? Any regrets? Thanks in advance.

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