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Nagaram Sun 29-Jul-18 00:51:54

Looked on this website tonight and when you go on a particular course it shows which universities have clearing spaces and the points. Seems a bit early for that surely this goes on when the results come out? Does this mean these courses are undersubscribed? Both courses my Dd wants to do in 2019 are on (both RG) so can we read anything from this?

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Knittinganewme Sun 29-Jul-18 08:47:16

Clearing opened on the 5th July, there will be people with no offers (or who declined them) who want to be looking now. is where I would be looking, you can sign up as a parent and receive emails telling you what should be happening throughout the year.

As a parent (so what do I know?) I would assume that the course in question is undersubscribed and that applicants not meeting their offer grades have more chance of negotiation on results day.

Blaablaablaa Sun 29-Jul-18 09:02:42

Clearing is now a legitimate recruitment/admissions route. It's no longer the 'desperation' route for those that failed or unsubscribed course.

A few years ago the government removed the student number controls means uni's can recruit as many students as they like - so some places will use clearing to sweep up some extra students who have over performed.

Also, were in the middle of a demographic dip - there simply aren't as many 18 year olds around at the moment so, in that respect, many,many uni's are undersubcribed but that's not s reflection on quality. It's just the way the market is at the moment.

The previous post is correct -clearing has always opened in July and is available for those not holding offers or those that decided late to apply. Don't forget, btec results come out earlier than a levels so it is possible to start working out when you have extra places before a level results day. So much planning goes into this - there are teams people working on it for months.

It's so much more that just that one day in August!

Blaablaablaa Sun 29-Jul-18 09:05:57

Apologies for the lack of phone seems to object to them!!

Up until last year I managed clearing for my uni so happy to clarify anything.

eatyourveg Sun 29-Jul-18 10:11:47

Birmingham only has 2 courses in clearing - presumably due to all the unconditionals it sent out. Even Imperial and Royal Veterinary College are there this year!

Blaablaablaa Sun 29-Jul-18 10:30:41

Pretty much every university has been in clearing for the last few years. Some courses may be technically full due to all the unconditional offers flying about ( grrrr don't get me started!!!) But many of those students may choose to transfer out if they do better than expected.

Clearing also includes something called 'adjustement' which essentially allows a student to transfer to a "better" university or course if they've exceeded their original offer. Many RG uni's will enter clearing hoping to get these students. It's important to note though, adjustment doesn't apply to those holding unconditional offers as they aren't holding an offer which can be exceeded - if that makes sense??

Essentially, a university or course being in clearing isn't an indication of quality. It's now just part of the student recruitment process.

Nagaram Sun 29-Jul-18 11:16:58

Thank you for all the replies. I was very much a desperation clearing student, phoning up places listed in the paper. This seems more civilised but a bit odd how they gauge numbers so they don’t oversubscribe.

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Blaablaablaa Sun 29-Jul-18 11:30:34

It's a completely different ball game now. Juggling the numbers can be tricky but nowhere near as difficult as when we had student number controls. We were given an allocation and if you took just one extra student you were fined more than the fees brought in. Now, for most courses we're only limited to our physical spaces - hence all the building work taking place on university campuses over the last few years.

Also, like I mentioned the current demographic dip means there just aren't as many students around at the moment!

SueDunome Sun 29-Jul-18 11:33:20

There are plenty of international students who will be applying who have already received their results, so Clearing can legitimately be open based on international applications alone.

Fifthtimelucky Mon 30-Jul-18 20:49:58

Thanks for posting this, OP. I hadn't realised clearing places were published so early. Encouraging to see so many places available for psychology, including at my daughter's first choice and reserve unis, which makes me hopeful in case she drops a grade or two. Hope there are still some places available on 16 August. They may be needed!

blametheparents Tue 31-Jul-18 16:32:02

Also, IB results were published on 6th July so those students already know their results.

Au79 Tue 31-Jul-18 21:25:30

Wait- I don’t understand this at all?

DC got 4 interviews and three offers, all were AAA. Had to pick just 2, a firm and and insurance. The one that didn’t offer is on here, asking AAB. Also another one would have happily applied to, also AAB. So does this mean one should try for those With AAB, if that’s what happens in the end?

Is it better contact these others ahead of time? Exactly what to say? I can hardly mention any of it it without having my head ripped off, so I need to know what i’m Talking about! We are all distraught.

What a crazy system!

Blaablaablaa Tue 31-Jul-18 21:37:13

No need to contact ahead of time but have the details ready on the day incase you need them. You can't do anything until the results are released and you know if they've got a place or not.

Entry requirements are simply a guide ... It's down to individual admissions tutors who they take. Even if your child doesn't get AAA they may still get a place if the tutor liked them and saw potential. I know it's hard but it's simply a waiting game!

MrsBatkins Sat 04-Aug-18 09:13:04

If a course is not on the clearing list at the moment, I am assuming that it may come up once A-Level results are I right on that?

DS has just completed his first year but desperately wants to change to a different course (at a different Uni) which is full. He's hoping that a place may come up on results day.

Blaablaablaa Sat 04-Aug-18 12:49:53

It would definitely be worth a call on results day.

Demeldark Sun 05-Aug-18 14:48:37

@AU You’re not the only one. We’ve got all this to come in 2019. @Blaablaa hope to God you’re still on here then!

BlaaBlaaBlaa Sun 05-Aug-18 15:29:25

Always happy to help! Up until last year I managed a clearing helpline and much of my research for my PhD involved the student recruitment process so I've lived and breathed it for years!

Demeldark Sun 05-Aug-18 21:44:25

@BlaaBlaa Your PhD sounds very interesting.

BlaaBlaaBlaa Mon 06-Aug-18 07:59:43

I think it is but then I'm a total HE geek!

Demeldark Mon 06-Aug-18 09:31:45

How does one find out what the grade requirements are for Clearing? Are students expected to ring up or will Clearing gardes be published on respective uni websites on results day?

BlaaBlaaBlaa Mon 06-Aug-18 10:45:38

I only know of one uni that publishes their clearing grades. Most won't and won't even tell you over the phone. This is because they may change (up or down) depending on the course, the quality of applicants, the amount of spaces etc. Plus the media loves publishing stories about how you can get into uni with one E at A level ( not true but still doesn't stop them!)

What usually happens is; you phone the uni's clearing number and get put through to a call centre whose job it is to filter the calls. You ( the applicant) will be asked a number of questions about your grades , quals etc. The call handler will have information in front of them telling them the minimum entry requirements to be put through to speak to an academic member of staff. They will have been told not to disclose the entry requirements. If the applicant meets the minimum requirements they will be put through to the admissions tutor/academic who will make the decision to offer them a place.

Does that make sense?

Demeldark Mon 06-Aug-18 11:03:06

Plus the media loves publishing stories about how you can get into uni with one E at A level. 😂😂

That makes perfect sense. I didn’t know it wasn’t all kept under wraps but I can see the logic in it. I’d imagined applicant would logon to clearing and see available courses plus the acceptable min grades. Thank you.

BlaaBlaaBlaa Mon 06-Aug-18 11:26:17

You'll be able to log on and see which uni's have places in which subjects but it just won't specify grades.

Uni's will only speak to students too so there's no point parents doing it for them!!

Demeldark Mon 06-Aug-18 12:15:42

Uni's will only speak to students too so there's no point parents doing it for them!!

Wouldn't dream of it. I'm arming myself with as much information as possible so that come next yr I'm at least in a position not only to advise and support but to be aware of what all the options are. I didn't school in the U.K and arrived just a week before resuming at Uni & watched all the Clearing fuss on tv but didn't really understand the process. That was many many moons ago. I enrolled by just walking in to a uni and making enquiries. I realise now, that had i understood the system better, i certainly would not have gone to the university that I did. So I don't want DS to be at the same disadvantage.

Come results day next year, I will sit back and fold arms and watch as he negotiates himself. Only chipping in when i feel advise is needed.

BlaaBlaaBlaa Mon 06-Aug-18 12:36:35

He'll be fine. There's also lots of support available from school, colleges and universities themselves.

You'd be surprised how many kids go on holiday and expect parents to sort it all out!! I've spoken to many an angry dad on a level results day!!

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