Welsh NHS bursery vs Uk student loan

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bruffin Mon 23-Jul-18 07:23:08

Dd lives in England but will be going to Cardiff in September.
She qualifies for NHS bursery so fees paid and 1k grant but maintenance loan will only be about 2300 and gets less each year and will have to work in Wales for 2 years.

If she took out a uk student loan she will have to pay her fees but gets higher maintenance so more to live on.

But she will have to pay off both by the 9% of earnings over 25k and therefore actually be worse off in the short and medium term with the NHS bursery as she will not have enough for her accomodation let alone living. A UK student loan will just about cover accomidation.
Have i got this right?

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Doordye Wed 25-Jul-18 11:13:46

I'm interested in your post as DD is going to be in the same situation the following year, if she get she an offer from Cardiff.

bruffin Wed 25-Jul-18 11:37:32

I did forget one bit Doordye she will get £1k grant so total income for first year is 3324 if she goes down the NHS route where as she will get a minimum of 4054 through UK student finance, maybe more.

Also the threshold for Wales to get the minimum funding is £50k and the uk is 65k. For income of £50k through student finance england you get £5579 maintenance loan in the uk going down to £4054 at £65k

Also benefit of England student finance loan is not being tied to Wales NHS for 2 years. I have just had an email from Cardiff and if you dont do the 2 years and have to pay all or some of it back it cannot be converted to a student loan.

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bruffin Wed 25-Jul-18 11:39:42

Doordye the money and advice team at Cardiff are really helpful. Their contact email/number are on the University website

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bruffin Wed 25-Jul-18 11:40:35

My big problem at the moment is DD has gone to work in US for 3 months and difficult to get hold of.

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