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DreamingofGlasgow Sun 22-Jul-18 12:43:07

Just looking for some advice
My son was doing a Biomedical Degree at a Uni in Scotland. He’s had 4 resits in his third year, passed two and failed two.
Uni are saying he can leave now with a Higher Diploma in Education- I presume that’s an HND. Or retake the modules he has failed in the next academic year, pass them (hopefully) and graduate with an Ordinary BSc Degree.

Does an Ordinary Degree have any merit these days? I think things have changed a lot in the last 20 years.

Could he accept the HND and apply to another Uni and complete a similar Degree there?

He doesn’t actually want to work in the specific area of Biomedicine any more - but a broader degree might be more attractive to him.

We are Scottish, in Scotland. He’s obviously using up his entitlement to having his fees paid - but we’d be willing to fund another year if we need to.

He currently has 230 credits, he needed 260 to carry on into 4th year.

Has anyone been in this position/ work in Uni’s and have advice?

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chemenger Sun 22-Jul-18 16:13:08

He is not being offered an HND, the diploma of higher education shows that he has completed two years of higher education. (One year earns a Certificate of Higher Education). He may be able to use this to transfer to another university for entry into another programme. I’m not sure how the credit points work at his university, but if he only has two courses outstanding he would do these on a part time basis which may not be very costly, he may not even need to do them in attendance but just do the exams.

Becca19962014 Sun 22-Jul-18 16:35:21

He needs to look at why he failed and then decide whether to accept the diploma. I don't know how diplomas of higher education work in Scotland compared to the rest of the U.K. I've a feeling they're different but that could be all it is - a feeling but it may effect his ability to transfer credits to another uni should he choose to do so.

He needs to think about his future as well.

If he fails again he risks having nothing to show for his work and, no opportunity to get more funding should he decide he wants a degree at a later date.

Can he speak to student services/SU/ his tutor? Perhaps they can advise him more specifically.

Coffeethrowtrampbitch Sun 22-Jul-18 16:40:31

I have an ordinary degree from Glasgow Uni, it is nearly 20 years old and was an arts degree but I didn't have an problem getting a job.

There are lots of top up courses - Strathclyde used to offer a top up that would have converted my degree to an honours, although they no longer do, and an ordinary degree is enough credits for post grad teacher training. If he did Biology or another shortage subject he would get fees paid too.
I hope he finds a course that suits (maybe check post grad clearing?)

chemenger Sun 22-Jul-18 16:43:23

Has he spoken to his Careers Service? They will be able to advise him on his prospects.

DreamingofGlasgow Sun 22-Jul-18 19:22:51

Thank you for the replies.

I think he’s failed partly because he’s not as interested in the specific area that he’s chosen to specialise in as he thought he would be, and so has found it more difficult to study.

I’ve told him to email the tutor tomorrow and ask for advice on whether he could move to a different course within Life Sciences and do third and fourth year again. Or whether he could apply to a different Uni and do similar.

He is interested in teacher training- so that is positive.

My husband has an Ordinary Degree too - but twenty odd years ago they seem much more the norm. Having looked on the internet at Student Room it seems to be perceived as some kind of failure - which is ridiculous.

The top up idea is also interesting.
There is just too much stress these days, isn’t there?

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