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Olivesandwine Sat 21-Jul-18 18:15:06

Ds is at uni but decided to stay in his city over the summer and has registered to vote there, prompted by the form sent out to the house by the council.
I therefore removed Ds from our home one as I thought that was the right thing to do.
My question is do I need to put him back on at home - I probably shouldn't have removed him but panicked - or just leave things as they are? I couldn't get through to council to ask.
Sorry to ask but I just worry about everything.

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Itsonly5oclock Sat 21-Jul-18 21:01:12

Don't worry. Just register him when he moves home again.

Skiiltan Sat 21-Jul-18 23:09:54

He's only supposed to be registered to vote in one place. If he's registered at university you shouldn't register him at home. I don't think it's a major problem as long as he doesn't actually vote twice (which is an offence punishable by an unlimited fine), but it does make the voting returns inaccurate if people do it. It also makes him twice as likely to be called up for jury service if he's on two electoral registers.

Olivesandwine Sat 21-Jul-18 23:35:44

Thanks. So I did the right thing taking him off our home one and he can just register here when/if he moves home?

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boys3 Sun 22-Jul-18 19:19:05

OP suggest you might be better off taking advice from the electoral commission, rather than the somewhat poorly informed post above

A student who has a permanent home address and a term-time address can be lawfully registered at both addresses

or this one

MyFriendFlicker Mon 23-Jul-18 14:17:36

Skiiltan is wrong.
Students can register twice. At home and at university. Obviously they can only vote once.
This means that they can for example choose to vote in local elections at home and national elections at uni.
Last year my two DC decided to use their vote in the general election at their home address because it's marginal and they felt it would count more. One did a postal vote and one did a proxy.
It's a system that's open to abuse I think but it's there.

mumeeee Tue 24-Jul-18 14:57:02

Students can register twice. DD2 and DD3 both did this.


Olivesandwine Tue 24-Jul-18 23:36:31

Thanks. Wasn't sure what to do because where he's living is currently not just his term time address. He's there all over the summer as well. I know students can register twice if they have a different term time address but live at home in between.
Anyway, he's now only registered in his uni city.
Dh can't understand what I'm fussing about confused

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