single mum just got a 2.1 degree jobs?

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stressedandskint Wed 18-Jul-18 17:08:35

Hi, I wasn't sure if I should have posted this in the work section so apologies if this is in the wrong place!

As the title suggests, I've just accepted my qualification of a 2.1 joint honours degree. I'm really pleased as I was convinced I'd get a Desmond! I also completed and passed a Cert Ed course that qualifies me to teach adults but there are very few jobs near me unless you can teach maths and the few that exist are all casual. I want stability.

I'm a single mum working part time in retail (don't want to do this long term) and I also volunteer for Citizens Advice which I enjoy. I'm also due to start volunteering for Mind. I'm hoping that this will give me some experience related to psychology which is what half of my degree is in.

I've volunteered for various organisations and really enjoy helping people and working in the charity sector. Charities also seem to be more understanding and flexible with working hours. I was speaking to someone who works for a charity and she was saying if a child was in a school play, she could attend it and make up the hours. Am I better off looking for a paid position in a not for profit organisation?

I want a job that is reasonably paid that uses my degree/skills. I have no family support but have access to childcare that opens from 7:30am until 6pm. I don't drive due to financial issues but hope to start my lessons again when I have more money coming in.

Does anyone have any ideas about possible careers? The information I've found online seems to be aimed at 21 year olds with no children who can work all hours.

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Firsttimemum892 Wed 18-Jul-18 18:37:03

Congrats , the Desmond comment made me laugh. I think keep up the volunteering for a while and see where it gets you maybe a job in that organisation , it’s really hard trying to find any kind of graduate job never mind one where you aren’t flexible etc. I got a 2.1 in criminology in 2010 and I am working in IT now a job completed unrelated , I found it hard finding a job I was qualified for without going ahead and doing further study. I am now considering a masters. Sorry not really a helpful answer but good luck, get your CV on job sites and look into more volunteering.

LaMainDeFatima Wed 18-Jul-18 18:43:29

Something with the police ?

CherryPavlova Wed 18-Jul-18 18:47:33

Where are you and could you do overnights occasionally?

isitfridayyet1 Wed 18-Jul-18 19:01:48

What about being an apprenticeship/Nvq assessor. You could use your teaching skills and often the work pattern is flexible.

ShapelyBingoWing Wed 18-Jul-18 19:04:59

What was it you had in mind when you started your degree?

thesandwich Wed 18-Jul-18 20:05:11

Tutoring might be good to get some cash... a number of agencies on line such as first tutors etc.


Racecardriver Wed 18-Jul-18 20:11:16

Would you consider teaching? I understand that you can get grants to cover your training and if you move overseas you can get a very well paid job in some countries as a high school teacher even in a subject like psychology. What was the other half of your degree in?

stressedandskint Thu 19-Jul-18 07:39:57

Thanks everyone!

I am a qualified teacher, Racecardriver. I'm qualified to teach adults but there aren't any jobs that aren't casual. I want stability.

I can't work evenings or overnights. I've seen so many jobs I'm qualified to do that would be amazing experience but I just can't do the hours unfortunately.

Yes, I think my best bet is to stick with charity for a while, hopefully a paid position will come up somewhere.

I applied for a psychology masters conversion course (before I thought I'd messed up my degree). I'm thinking about sticking to the original plan and studying that part time.

My original long term plan was to do a counselling psychology doctorate. However, although I could get student finance to cover tuition fees, I wouldn't be able to work as the doctorate is full time. How would I pay the rent/bills for 3 years?

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MrsPatmore Thu 19-Jul-18 08:11:52

Very difficult to get psychology related jobs without higher qualifications and experience. Perhaps look at your local Council - they may have social work assistant type jobs and you can work your way up. Once you're in, they can sponsor you to go on further courses or release the time for you to do a course whilst being paid. Tend to be flexible, family friendly employers too.

stressedandskint Thu 19-Jul-18 09:32:18

I'll definitely look into that Mrspatmore, thanks

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Madeline18 Thu 19-Jul-18 09:53:57

What about graduate policy analyst roles or maybe looking at HR roles? Psychology would be helpful for both.

ReservoirDogs Tue 07-Aug-18 18:56:02

have you looked at the Civil Service graduate entrance schemes? They have a number of different areas for all levels of degree but more options for those with a 2.1 than those with a 2.2 for example.

BubblesBuddy Tue 07-Aug-18 19:46:54

Not sure grad schemes are flexible re childcare though. There are few traineeship roles that will be flexible so you might be better off staying where you are and seeing what turns up. I also wonder if there are avenues into social work and what about being an education welfare officer? They might be able to offer part time.

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