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swarner1972 Tue 10-Jul-18 19:41:59

My daughter is 20 and about to enter her second year of a BA in Health and Social Care. She will be required to do a student placement for 1 day per week for the academic year. Her career aspirations lie in victim support, primarily working with victims of domestic and sexual assault, and she would love to do her placement within an organisation involved in this. However she is finding it impossible to find anyone willing to take her. I understand the Data Protection concerns involved but I would imagine that it can be quite difficult to find people who would want to do this type of work and that they would therefore be a little more accomodating to students. If any of you work in this field, or know of someone who does, any advice would be greatly appreciated. She would be willing to do anything within the organisations. (We live in Somerest and she would need to rely on public transport.)

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BubblesBuddy Fri 13-Jul-18 17:57:01

I feel this is very difficult because it is such a niche area that your DD wants at this stage. My DD is a Family Barrister and she became involved with a charity as the first responder (on the phone) to a victim when they made contact with the charity. May I suggest your DD does a much more straightforward health placement but looks to see if she can help with a charity in a non health setting. DD found it very useful but she was 21 at the time. So 1st year after leaving university. Are there charities in your nearest city or large town she could approach for a non health role?

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