Durham - John Snow College accommodation questions

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RhythmNBooze Mon 09-Jul-18 08:58:27

Ds starting this October. He'll probably be in self catering. Does anyone know if they provide crockery, cutlery, pots etc or do we need to buy them? Also can he leave his stuff in the room over the holidays or do they need to vacate every term?

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thejeangenie36 Mon 09-Jul-18 22:40:46

OP, you'd be best contacting the College directly about this, or Durham's admissions team. Think different Durham colleges have different arrangements.

MarchingFrogs Tue 10-Jul-18 06:11:03

Woken up earlier by text from DS2 on school trip an hour ahead of us, so had a rummage around the Durham website:


Items to bring or buy on arrival
- Bedding, including single sheets, single duvet, single duvet cover, pillows and pillow cases
- Pans, cutlery and crockery
- Towels and toilet rolls
- Iron (an ironing board is provided in your flat. They are also provided in the Laundry)
- Cleaning materials for your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen (a toilet brush is provided)
- Food

MarchingFrogs Tue 10-Jul-18 06:16:15

Eta re leaving stuff during holidays, on the page with info about charging, the cost was said to be for the academic year, with a reduction for the college requiring your room during the vacations, but this was something you couldn't request yourself. My inference from that is that you normally retain access to your room during the Christmas and Easter vacations, but I may be wrong.

RhythmNBooze Tue 10-Jul-18 06:43:24

Brilliant thanks. I don't know how I managed to miss all that information confused.

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MarchingFrogs Tue 10-Jul-18 07:45:37

If he is in John Snow, he will definitely be self catering.

MarchingFrogs Tue 10-Jul-18 15:26:45

Brilliant thanks. I don't know how I managed to miss all that information.

Haha! I do - it was like pulling teeth trying to get to that bit...

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