2nd year uni (starting 2018)

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HSMMaCM Wed 04-Jul-18 18:15:59

The old thread seems to have filled up!

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HSMMaCM Wed 04-Jul-18 18:16:44

Old thread

Fighting our way through 1st year uni (starting Sept 17)http://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/higher_education/3142609-fighting-our-way-through-1st-year-uni-starting-sept-17

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brizzledrizzle Wed 04-Jul-18 18:30:50

thanks HSM.
How did the 1st year go so quickly?

Horsemad Wed 04-Jul-18 18:45:49

Houseful here, feel like the mummy bird, constantly filling the fridge...

Horsemad Wed 04-Jul-18 18:46:21

House full that should read.

ErrolTheDragon Thu 05-Jul-18 01:18:07

Bag my sun lounger...

DD has her results and suspected tonsillitis. Fortunately the former were good enough that she sounded quite cheerful if husky, and intends to go to a nearby GPs first thing tomorrow.

Xenia Thu 05-Jul-18 18:50:30

My two are fine. I think results still awaited but imminently due.


RedHelenB Sat 07-Jul-18 03:16:32

Hope dd recovers qipuickly Erroll. My Dd is busy working when she can, and it's great to have her home.

rogueantimatter Sat 07-Jul-18 09:30:39

Was your DD prone to tonsillitis before she became a student Errol? DS had tonsillitis for the first time in his first term, then a few weeks ago he got gigantic ulcers on his tonsils.

Xenia I'm so glad you mentioned that 'your' results weren't out yet. DS has no idea when his come out and I don't think he's bothered as he's only waiting for the results of two written assignments ( end of year final recital feedback was quick and detailed). So far his results have all been on paper left in the student pigeonholes! I'm slightly worried that he will have failed something and won't know until he goes to enrol for 2nd year then discovers he can't. I assume there will be an electronic communication AND he will open it and read it.

The flat he/they thought they had secured was not taken off the market and they couldn't meet the highest offer. Apparently they've paid a deposit for entry to a flat on 20th August. I can't help thinking they'll be gazumped again. Aaagh. Friends who agreed to store his stuff over the summer couldn't. So he's currently organising putting his stuff into rented storage as that was a cheaper option than me driving down from scotland. As he thought he was moving into a new place he agreed to stand in for another bass player at a gig, so he has his pesky double bass with him. Do you think anywhere offers crash courses in playing the flute over the summer?

It's a steep learning curve.

Xenia Sat 07-Jul-18 12:17:23

I think one has most of his results except tjhe one non-science module - non science is slower he says. The other twin thinks his are out next week. I hope yours finds there is a method other than pigeon holes., Bristol seems to be by email or on line.

Sorry about your son's flat problems. Ours found their houses before Christmas last year actually and one moved his stuff in last week (not helped by the car being in for major repair but his friend was down there and kindly moved the stuff with him). I just tried to get 2 copies of his key made, a spare and one to keep here this morning but the lock man said it was a special security key you are not allowed to copy (so I'll just have to hope he never loses it or locks himself out). The other one is moving his stuff in in the Autumn and brought it all back here.

It is probably possible to get flute lessons in the summer - lots of school teachers will be free and need the extra money for a start. My son played it before moving to the French horn when he was fairly little, but I always found it hard even to get a sound out of it.

One of mine is hard at work and the other very busy with other things (and doing some work for me when it fits in ) and they both have some trips planned. I want them to have a good think about careers but no one ever listens to me. I keep going on about dates as quite a few careers have deadlines during your 3 years for applications and if you miss them it's messy and hard or too late.

Eve Sat 07-Jul-18 12:21:25

Results here due 11th

rogueantimatter Sat 07-Jul-18 13:40:43

So DS' results are not the last to come out it seems thanks.

Xenia Sorry. I was joking about taking up the flute instead of the double bass as it's so much easier to carry around.

DD used to receive a status update on Moodle saying, Proceed to Year 2 etc

argumentativefeminist Sat 07-Jul-18 16:03:32

At my uni we get a nice (if you've passed) little email saying you can proceed to your next year of study. My 2nd year results come out on the 17th so don't be panicking yet!

argumentativefeminist Sat 07-Jul-18 16:04:03

I'm sure you also get an email if you havent passed, but it wouldn't be nice 😳

ErrolTheDragon Sat 07-Jul-18 17:08:39

Rogue- DD had tonsillitis a couple of times in KS1 but not since. She seemed philosophical about having caught something shortly after starting work with yet another large set of new people. She managed to get a gp apt and antibiotics, so hopefully she'll be ok after the couple of days off work and the weekend.

captainoftheshipwreck Sat 07-Jul-18 17:45:27

Xenia the only time anyone listens to me is when I say I'm off to Sainsbury's

bigTillyMint Mon 09-Jul-18 15:54:14

DD at Bristol got her results Friday which I thought was late. And DH moved her into her new house on Sat.

Rogue so sorry about your DS re house.

Xenia, DD also has a strange key that locks her bedroom and the front door and costs £30 to replace shock

Xenia Mon 09-Jul-18 18:55:10

My son took his key today and his friends - he's driven them down to Cornwall today to camp (via Bristol as he had left something at the rented house) so I hope he doesn't lose the key. He was parked for 5 minutes and got a parking ticket. He thinks the warden must have been lurking ready to pounce.

One of mine has not had his results yet. He said the law results were out today for Bristol. It seems to be depend on the subject.

readsalotgirl63 Mon 09-Jul-18 20:09:31

DD has been finished since mid May and had results in mid June - fortunately passed everything. Finding paid employment is not proving easy so she is doing oddjobs around the house - I'll have forgotten what the iron looks like by September grin

Horsemad Mon 09-Jul-18 21:13:26

Mine hasn't found a job, we live in the arse end of nowhere & he doesn't drive - that's another task on the To Do List... hmm

captainoftheshipwreck Mon 09-Jul-18 22:21:19

DD back at home and back at work- think the hours are a shock to the system!!!

Xenia Tue 10-Jul-18 08:32:27

Sometimes it's good for them to have a break, Horsemad, and not work. We had some to stay for a week who were working in London (because you can commute from our house there reasonably easily on the tube). I'm quite liking his working hours- like school again; I get up, drive him to the tube (his twin has the car they share) then house to myself to work in all day until he's back.

HSMMaCM Tue 10-Jul-18 08:53:21

DD was late for work on Saturday. I had a long lecture last week about how she looks after herself at uni, gets herself to lectures etc, without my interference. I stopped waking her and making her a sandwich for work (never used to make her a sandwich for school grin), so she didn't wake up and was late for work. I'll be making sure she's awake this morning. She starts at 10.

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Xenia Tue 10-Jul-18 13:06:09

Mine has a very loud alarm I hear from downstairs so tends to get up okay. I think he and I quite like a regular routine. The other one is enjoying camping but needs me to post his halls key back today and has just found he could have got his interrail pass at 15% of what he paid for it but I think it would be risky to return the one he has for a refund (looks like you can get 85% back) and then apply for the cheaper new on and all that arrive on time and work before he goes abroad but he must be quite cross. I wonder if it's cheaper because people buy last minute.

ErrolTheDragon Tue 10-Jul-18 13:25:25

DD, during exams, adopted the strategy of having her conventional alarm set appropriately, and then the alarms on her various i-things set 5 minutes later, so she had to wake up enough in the first place to turn them all off or suffer the cacophonous consequence.

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