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crazyhead Wed 04-Jul-18 12:31:08

I am finishing off a psych conversion MSc at the moment (I'm 41), so happy to talk you through that. First thought is the same as Bubbles buddy - do you need a psych degree? (either first degree or MSc, and I have to say, I would think the MSc would make more sense). Basically, if you want to charter as a professional psychologist, you've a long road ahead. Once you've got your GBC from the first degree or conversion, you then need (for occ psych) to do a specialist MSc, then two years supervised portfolio work for a doctorate. However - you may absolutely not need that. You could do exec coaching training (if you want to coach) or just a specialist MSc in business psych.

For domestic violence work possibility, have you volunteered with a charity on this (eg Refuge helpline)? If you were working with this group as a psychologist ( which would be clinical or counselling), you'd be talking GBC followed by experience, followed by doctorate. There are however a number of other capacities in which you might work with this group.

Having said all this, clearly, I am doing the GBC and started in a similar place. I would be happy help further as it is a confusing thing,.

BubblesBuddy Wed 04-Jul-18 11:26:55

My original thought was: do you need a degree in Psychogy to do any of these jobs? The first two seem quite niche and I would have thought experience was better than another degree.

I think working with abuse victims is more about social working. So a social work Masters might be better. Have you researched how you get into the careers you are thinking of? Is career coaching more of a private line of business because one assumes it’s only large companies who would have the luxury of this in house. Is it done via HR and graduate recruitment? Would anyone think you were better at these jobs because you had a degree in psychology which thousands of other graduates possess? Or would experience be better? Not sure the degree would count more than the experience in terms of your ability to attract clients if you were thinking of setting up your own business.

I’m sure others will have a better insight than I do. I’ve never been talent managed or career coached at any stage of working for a large organisation. Except with performance management discussions and “next steps” conversations.

DD volunteered for a charity for abuse victims so you can certainly volunteer to see if it’s for you.

verytidylineofcars Wed 04-Jul-18 09:21:02

I've got a ba in history and 10 plus work experience in a recruitment / project management / systems role

I'm considering doing a psychology degree and then a masters but there are some direct access masters I could take (psychology conversion masters) all by distance learning

I'm seriously considering it ...

Would I be mad to do this at 34 - not sure exactly what career it would lead to, but maybe something in talent management, career coaching (more if I stay corporate) or possibly working with domestic abuse victims if I go off tangent

Am I mad? Anyone done anything similar

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