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MishMashMosher Tue 11-Sep-18 21:10:17

I'm also doing an access course and applying for nursing. How are you getting on?

milafawny Wed 27-Jun-18 21:46:58

Sorry my post may have been a bit vague. Im already doing the access, its an online based course so i can work full time doing it. Im wondering how much i could potentially work whilst doing the degree. Thanks for replying though

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BubblesBuddy Wed 27-Jun-18 09:53:07

Lots of students doing access courses do carry on working p/t but I would wonder if you could attend a course after a night shift. Will you be up for it? I am assuming your access course requires attendance. If it’s on line and you can do it in your own time, then that’s different. Has the college given you info on how much time is expected from you each week for you to be successful on the course? Also, aim for the very best grades. It all helps. You have lots of experience so that’s a very good start.

When you do the nursing degree, you will need to review your work of course. Good luck.

milafawny Wed 27-Jun-18 06:03:39

Hi, im looking to apply to do a nursing degree. Im currently starting an access course, in social science and health, biology pathway and ive checked with the two local universities if this access course meets their requirements and it does. I also currently work in a care home on an EMI unit. Nursing is something i wanted to do but i fell pregnant young and it never happened. Now im 34 and my youngest child is starting high school so im no longer tied to needing to find child care as they can stay at home alone occasionally around my partners shifts. It feels like the right time to start.

My questions are - is there anything i can do to support and application, the unis im applying to are quite competitive. Obviously i can aim for more than the minimum grades on the access, but is there more i can do?

How realistic is my continuing to work whilst studying? Im not sure the loan and my partners wage along with what tax credits we can claim off his wage will be enough? I currently do 3 night shifts a week and i understand i would have to reduce it, but would i be able to supplement our income some by retaining a few shifts a month? my work place is pretty flexible and would understand.

Thank in advance

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