Which would you say were the best ex-polys?

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Jorah Mon 25-Jun-18 18:10:21

Oxford brookes?
Cardiff met?
Nottingham Trent?

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thesandwich Mon 25-Jun-18 19:33:26

Depends what for. Check the stats on unistats and other league tables by subject.

Watto1 Mon 25-Jun-18 19:36:34

Portsmouth was known as one of the best when I was applying but that was 20 years ago now!

QueenRefusenik Mon 25-Jun-18 19:38:34

Depends very much on subject - some of the new universities give the old guard a run for their money in many areas!

UrsulaPandress Mon 25-Jun-18 19:39:35

Best in what way?

gower4 Mon 25-Jun-18 19:41:55


Habeebtea Mon 25-Jun-18 19:42:58

Northumbria and Sunderland


ThroughThickAndThin01 Mon 25-Jun-18 19:45:18

Trent has just got some sort of university of the year award, can’t quite remember what the banners said, but it’s got to be up there towards the top.

eatyourveg Mon 25-Jun-18 19:45:57

Would agree with the first, ds3 hated the second when we went to an open day for being just like a secondary school and the third was his insurance.
My top 2 would be Brookes and UWE - no particular reason just heresay. Other ones I would consider in a top 10 might be LJM, Hallam, Hull and Portsmouth. It is very much dependent on what you consider best - best for what? If its a particular subject then the list will be very different to one which was based entirely on the NSS

furlinedsheepskinjacket Mon 25-Jun-18 19:47:23

portsmouth def

maybe winchester or bournemouth or brighton?

bellinisurge Mon 25-Jun-18 19:50:02

Manchester Metropolitan. For a while we called it the Metropoly in a childish sniffy sort of way. I think it's rather good, though.
And the University of Central Lancashire which used to be Preston Poly.
Portsmouth too.

PhilODox Mon 25-Jun-18 19:52:10

Manchester and Birmingham.

ScaredPAD Mon 25-Jun-18 19:52:30

Bournemouth is amazing for media.
Oxford Brookes ace for OT. Also know an engineer who landed a fab job after Brookes.
A friend loved the one in Norwich .

Dont know much about the others!

ScaredPAD Mon 25-Jun-18 19:52:57

Winchester fab for teaching.

BestIsWest Mon 25-Jun-18 19:54:05

IIRC Cardiff Met wasn’t a Poly but was a number of Institutes of Higher education and Teacher training colleges. The Polytechnic Of Wales became University of South Wales.

eatyourveg Mon 25-Jun-18 20:07:44

Winchester was never a ploy it was King Alfred's teacher training college

eatyourveg Mon 25-Jun-18 20:08:03

Poly not ploy

AndromedaPerseus Mon 25-Jun-18 20:17:16

I think with ex polys it very much depends on the course. Many specialised in technical qualifications so for example Manchester poly was good for business type degrees with well regarded industrial placements while Derby poly is world famous for aeronautical engineering and has had a long collaboration with Rolls Royce. Leeds poly was very good for healthcare type degrees

Curve Mon 25-Jun-18 20:33:21

Hull wasn't a polytechnic nor was UEA (Norwich).

Jorah Mon 25-Jun-18 22:04:48

Interesting thanks. She's looking for Sport science.

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MaggieFS Mon 25-Jun-18 22:06:27

Would add Sheffield Hallam to the list.

Overall though, it does depend on the subject.

HerBigChance Mon 25-Jun-18 22:07:59

I think Loughborough is strong in sports science. Can't remember what poly it used to be though.

GemmaB78 Mon 25-Jun-18 22:08:41

Hull was not a poly!

No-one mentioning LBU (my employer?) - don't know whether to worry or not! Ditto York SJ (my husband's employer) or Canterbury Christchurch? Depends totally on the course. LBU's flagship school is Sports so might be worth looking at.

Moussemoose Mon 25-Jun-18 22:09:35

Very, very much depends on the subject.

Ex polys best for some vocational subjects - better than Russel group - not so much for Arts. Check the stats.

EvilTwins Mon 25-Jun-18 22:12:07

Loughborough was never a poly.

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