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has anyone done a food hygiene certificate?

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Daemara Wed 23-May-07 15:51:08

I ask because I'm considering selling the homemade cakes that I make, and beyond knowing how to bake I'm at a loss as to how to make it a functioning buisness idea. I'm a bit shy and its hard for me to do the big sell but I'm a pretty good cook, or so my friends tell me and I want to do more than just be SAHM. I know cupcakes are big buiness in the states and thats what I want to do but starting on a smaller scale of a market stall or sellign to local cafes.

sorry I'm babling on a bit. I'm a worrier and i worry if its a good decision or not.

Lilymaid Wed 23-May-07 15:56:45

It is very useful to have and only takes a day of your time - our local school/adult education centre runs regular courses. In fact if you get involved in PTA matters and have to use a school kitchen or other community type kitchen you seem to need one before you can walk in the door.

Daemara Wed 23-May-07 16:02:05

lilymaid- thanks i found a website to do it online but do you need to have somone come and look at your kitchen or anything? trying to get my head around what the online course is offering.

food hygiene

fryalot Wed 23-May-07 16:06:08

if you are selling food to the public, then you need to be registered with the Environmental Health Officers at your local council. They probably will want to come round and have a look at your kitchen to make sure that you are storing your food properly and that everywhere is nice and clean.

They are (supposedly) there to help, so you could always give them a quick ring and ask them what they would require should you go ahead with your plans.

Daemara Wed 23-May-07 16:17:21

squonk- thank you. I'll look into it. its only an idea so far but one of my better ones I just have to decided if I'm ready to throw my self into it. if its a good enough idea and if the cupcakes would really sell or if I'm just deluding myself.

fryalot Wed 23-May-07 16:18:08

good luck with it

Daemara Wed 23-May-07 16:19:23


Kathyis6incheshigh Wed 23-May-07 16:21:44

Daemara, you should def go for it - at least this is a business which will have very low start-up costs so it will not be a huge risk.

I don't think you are deluding yourself at all, it's just a question of your working out the best way to sell them.

Daemara Wed 23-May-07 16:30:23

kathy- My friend frizbe thinks its a good idea and has promised to push me along when I need it. She thinks i should try a market stall though not here as the market is crap here.

I;ve thought about doing a stall at ds pre-school summer fete then I would see if the cupcakes sell and if i get positive feedback??

charliecat Wed 23-May-07 16:34:51

Not sure if this is viable, but as I was reading through I thought of all those times that school as parents to cook homemade cakes at home...well some of us find it a HIDEOUS drudge, if theres a market there and your card was on someones notice board...

QueenofBleach Wed 23-May-07 16:37:16

Have just done mine, EH came and checked kitchen as we provide food for the public, B&B, very friendly helpful, do the course it takes a day and is basically common sense and the exam is really easy at the end.

Daemara Thu 24-May-07 09:00:05

Thank you everyone I;m gonna book the online couse for next week when ds is in preschool so there are no distractions. Its the first step anyway and headed in hopefully the right direction!

natmatt Sun 12-Aug-07 21:22:08

ive goit a fooh hygeine certificate and did it in one day it s one that you would see in the like of ur local chinese or bakery. your local college would do it and it only costs about £40.

MightyMoosh Mon 13-Aug-07 10:43:54

I did basic food hygiene as part of my childcare training, its really quick and very easy, just common sense. You may need one higher than basic though, if you're in charge, not sure. And you do need to renew every three years but the dates on the certificate you get so you cant forget.

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