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Aurea Tue 12-Jun-18 13:08:52


I'd be very grateful for any feedback on Edinburgh University Law school. My son is hoping to apply and I've heard mixed reports. Its league table placements isn't great either. His other option is Glasgow. We are Scottish and he's likely to receive offers from both based on his exam results and super curriculars (here's hoping!).

Many thanks

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LizzieMacQueen Tue 12-Jun-18 13:39:31

Aberdeen! But that's because any people I know who studied law went there.

I have no experience of the Law dept at Edinburgh but my daughter was deeply unhappy in first year science there.

Maybe re post in Scotsnet.

ronatheseal Tue 12-Jun-18 13:45:18

Traditionally Edinburgh's always been regarded as the best place for Scots law. Plus, you're near all the biggest courts. I don't know what league tables are saying just now, but the Scottish law profession is a small world and they won't take metrics like that very seriously. The university as a whole is a lot less Scottish than Glasgow and sometimes Scottish students, particularly if they're from the west and working class, find it a bit of an alien place.

smashhits90s Tue 12-Jun-18 14:33:48

My friend dropped out because she hated it through there although is from Glasgow herself.

She applied and studied in Glasgow and was much happier.

Aurea Tue 12-Jun-18 14:49:53


Thank you for this feedback. Was your friend studying Law at Edinburgh or another subject.

I agree Aberdeen looks good but we only live down the road and he wants move to away a little.

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Xenia Tue 12-Jun-18 15:09:19

I am not in Scotland but I am pretty sure Edinburgh is the best and will be most helpful with legal careers later having been there.

BubblesBuddy Tue 12-Jun-18 15:43:33

Law is partly about networking. Not just the degree. You can probably do this more effectively in Edinburgh. Where would he look for internships or work experience? If it’s Edinburgh, go to the university there.


readsalotgirl63 Tue 12-Jun-18 19:34:41

Hi Aurea - have replied on Scotsnet. DD has just finished first year law at Glasgow which according to some league tables is number 1 in Scotland for law and above Edinburgh in UK wide standing.


My feeling is that Edinburgh is resting on it's reputation but that this is in decline.

We are also near Aberdeen and dd wanted to go away.

ronatheseal Tue 12-Jun-18 20:33:52

Reputation matters. I would be sceptical about using metrics like that, UK metrics often don't translate well to Scotland, and those scores are as likely to reflect the degree of interest a university's top brass have in manipulating statistics as reality. The Scottish legal profession is very small, you are much better off asking lawyers or recruiters at law firms what they think (bearing in mind they'll probably say their alma mater no matter what).

Stopyourhavering64 Tue 12-Jun-18 21:07:18

Would you consider Dundee Uni...it's above Edinburgh in the league tables (8th in U.K.) and also offers dual qualification in Scots/English Law

readsalotgirl63 Tue 12-Jun-18 21:56:49

@ronatheseal - I don't think Glasgow has a poor reputation !

ronatheseal Wed 13-Jun-18 01:57:36

@readsalotgirl63 I don’t think it does either, why you saying that?

readsalotgirl63 Wed 13-Jun-18 18:24:38

@ronatheseal - apologies I seem to have misinterpreted the tone of your comment that reputation matters .
Incidentally dd did ask a couple of lawyers at careers fairs where they would recommend and they did indeed recommend their own alma mater ! grin

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