Better or worse to live with Dp

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Liesmyparentstoldme Sat 02-Jun-18 18:07:23

I'm going to apply to University next September. I'm currently a single parent receiving income support. I live alone with my 2 dd's.

Me and Dp of a year have been talking about living together at that point. He works full time, and lives at home. In regards to council tax, housing benefit. Student loans. Does anyone know if we'd be better or worse off living together?

I've tried in unsuccessfully to find calculators.

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Antaresisastar Sat 02-Jun-18 22:44:06

I'd suggest a visit to your local Citizens Advice, ask them to to a "what if" benefits check.

bevelino Sun 03-Jun-18 09:27:13

OP, benefits are generally based on household income and if you know what your DP earns you can enter the details in the benefits and budgeting calculator online, together with your personal information which will then let you know the level of benefits you are eligible to receive.

PurpleDaisies Sun 03-Jun-18 09:36:35

Even if you’re financially worse off in terms of loan, there will be other savings like shared bills, rent etc.

Do you want to put off living together for a whole year? Or three if you’re doing a degree rather than a masters/PGCE type course?

Liesmyparentstoldme Sun 03-Jun-18 10:54:07

I've had a look at online calculators. But they say they can't give accurate calculations for students.

Am I right in thinking that when I become a student. I will be eligible for higher council tax and rent anyway? I've heard there is a discount on council tax if a student lives in the house.

I wouldn't want to put it off tbh. I just don't want to put dp in the position, where he ends up paying the majority.
He earns £350 a week before tax. Also, since my dd's are from a previous relationship. So I feel I should pay more, since the majority of people in the house are my responsibility. (If this makes any sense!)

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Liesmyparentstoldme Sun 03-Jun-18 10:55:52

I'm hoping it would be a 3 year degree plus a placement year. So 4 years

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wantmorenow Sun 03-Jun-18 10:56:41

Students are exempt from tax. You on your own would be a nil bill. You and him would be a 25% discount off the full bill. Not an expert but think this is true if you are a full time learner.


Sofabitch Sun 03-Jun-18 11:00:50

Don't use generic things like citizens advice. Go to the university's student finance support team. This is the kind of stuff they deal with all the time. They will be able to break it down clearly for you.

But in brief. The first year it won't affect your student finance. You'll get maximum. You'll get a 25% council tax discount. And Housing benefit will be based on yours and his income. They count a significant proportion of student finance.

The second year you should probably declare that you are living together. Student finance is reduced by some think like 67p for every £1 over 25k he earns. Until the basic amount Is reached.

Childcare costs are based on partners income. You can't claim tax credits childcare element. But might get something under UC depending upon his earnings.

Greendayz Sun 03-Jun-18 11:04:10

It's complicated with a student living with a non-student. And as a mature student with kids you won't be on the standard student support either. Best source of advice is probably your university bursor.

Gottokondo Sun 03-Jun-18 11:07:13

I think you should base your decision on if you want to live with him and if he would be a good stepdad. Not on the financial bit tbh. Choose happiness, not money and then work out the details.

Liesmyparentstoldme Sun 03-Jun-18 11:09:15

OK, thank you all for the advise. At what point should I speak to the University? Of course I don't know that I'll get in. But I will have to do the application to student finance with the UCAS form. I don't want to get in trouble for not declaring my partners income if we live together.

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Liesmyparentstoldme Sun 03-Jun-18 11:10:58

@Gottokondo. I'm not worried about the financial stuff for my benefit. I'm worried for him. I don't want him to have to support us all!

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Greendayz Sun 03-Jun-18 11:27:46

You can do the student finance form now for a course starting this autumn. It all goes on last year's earnings and you're not obliged (unlike with benefits) to tell them and have it reassessed if things change during the year. But you can speak to the university finance officer any time you like, even before you've got in

Sofabitch Sun 03-Jun-18 13:40:29

I'd say unless your rent is very high. It's unlikely you'll get anything other than student finance if living with him.

Base your plans on that. Then anything else is a bonus.

Most universities student finance people will speak to applicants for advice.

Liesmyparentstoldme Sun 03-Jun-18 14:14:36

OK thank you. That sounds easier to sort out. If it won't matter for the first year of the course. I can speak to a University finance advisor for advice for the second year smile

I know its a while off. I'm starting a science access course this September. I just wanted to get ahead with how things would work financially.

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