Student finance help please

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SunnySummerDays Thu 03-May-18 22:12:02

One ds due home from uni imminently and has no job. Yet.
second ds going to start uni in sept, and I'm completing student finance online.
Question .... Is my older son considered a dependant?
I've said yes with logic that he lives at home and will have no income... As it stands at the moment.

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TwitterQueen1 Thu 03-May-18 22:16:13

You are correct in citing him as a dependent (well, IMHO anyway, as I have done exactly the same...)

SunnySummerDays Thu 03-May-18 22:41:56

Thanks ... I added him. Took him off. Then added again as I'm going to be feeding him and he's back in my house with no job.

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Grassyass Fri 04-May-18 09:12:14

Isn't he supposed to sign on for JSA if he's over 21?

RedHelenB Fri 04-May-18 09:16:38

Not a dependant I'm afraid.

JumpingFrogs Fri 04-May-18 10:04:11

I have a feeling there is a separate box where you list other children at uni. Not the same box that you use for younger dependent children. They will then cross-reference the application. Our second dc is about to go but so far have been unable to persuade him to register for finance ! angry

TantrumsAndBalloons Fri 04-May-18 10:06:33

I’m almost positive that he isn’t a dependent but I can’t explain why?
But you have to fill in his details ie DOB so IME if there is anything wrong SFE will let you know quite quickly smile


TantrumsAndBalloons Fri 04-May-18 10:07:37

Ah- isn’t it because they ask if you have dependent Children and he wouldn’t be considered a child?

Millipedewithherfeetup Fri 04-May-18 10:10:06

There should be a phone number for enquiries..... just call them and ask the question. I would be worried in case it held up my other child's funding if it was wrong info supplied.

SunnySummerDays Fri 04-May-18 18:20:59

I'm going to ring them.
I'll update here when I do....

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Xenia Fri 04-May-18 19:04:41

I don't think he would be as he is old enough to get a job, move out etc otherwise people could keep 20 relatives without jobs in their house and say they have 20 dependants.

healthyheart Fri 04-May-18 19:11:49

I also think he’s not a dependent.

SunnySummerDays Fri 04-May-18 19:51:24

Hi all, I've just ring them.... And yes he's a dependant.
He's going to be living with me and has no income at the time of application for his younger brother.

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TwitterQueen1 Fri 04-May-18 20:19:40

Well done Sunny you did what none of us could clearly be arsed to do .. grin

I'm on application #3 and have always figured that they know my history by now and if they don't agree with my answers they'll make their own minds up!

TwitterQueen1 Fri 04-May-18 20:22:22

and on a more serious note for me, my income will reduce considerably in July (retirement through ill health) and so I will need to complete what I think is called a CIR form and send it off to them to they will adjust the grant for Dd3 for September accordingly. Probably not relevant to anyone else here, but worth bearing in mind just in case.

Grassyass Sat 05-May-18 11:42:35

have always figured that they know my history by now I wish that were true. We are on the fifth year of student finance. Every year we submit the details, they award the loan (correctly) and then six months later we get letters demanding proof of everything or the loan will be stopped. confused. It takes hours to compile all the evidence they ask for and they end up confirming the loan is correct.
It's because a small part of our income comes from a private pension apparently. They know this, five times over, but we still get "audited" every year.

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