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RoryGillmoresEvilTwin Fri 27-Apr-18 18:28:50

Hi, I'm considering going back to uni to do an undergraduate course that I was accepted on years ago, but dropped out in the first year. There were many reasons but nothing serious like illness/bereavement, etc.

Do you think it's likely I'll be given a second chance at the same uni/same course? Should I refer to it in the personal statement? Also, would I get funding?

My head is swimming to be honest.

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ThereAreTooMany Fri 27-Apr-18 22:03:52

I think you might well be accepted.
Why don’t you call the university and find out?

purplegreen99 Sat 28-Apr-18 13:08:44

I think you can get student loans for the course length plus an extra year, which is to cover things like dropping out and resitting a year.

RoryGillmoresEvilTwin Sun 29-Apr-18 13:05:17

Thanks for replying. I'm hopeful . Fingers crossed!

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SummerDream Wed 30-May-18 19:21:25

I think you need to take a shot and get a degree. I am doing my MBA. I have online courses. At 1st I had doubts about MBA admission but this degree can give me more chances to get a higher salary.

RoryGillmoresEvilTwin Wed 30-May-18 19:37:06

I'm still hopeful. Just waiting to hear now.
SummerDream this is the thing exactly. At the moment I'm working in a rubbish min wage job. It's fine, pays the bills etc, but I know I can do more and I want more for myself.

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SummerDream Thu 31-May-18 08:19:30

RoryGillmoresEvilTwin you know many ppl think that degree is just a paper but for a career it is a great plus


RoryGillmoresEvilTwin Sat 09-Jun-18 09:23:46

Just a little update.. I have an interview with the course director next week!

Now I'm worrying about what to wear, lol!

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ThereAreTooMany Sat 09-Jun-18 09:26:15

That's good news. Good luck. 🍀

RoryGillmoresEvilTwin Mon 11-Jun-18 15:39:30

Thanks 🙂

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RoryGillmoresEvilTwin Thu 21-Jun-18 18:19:26

Another small update...I passed my interview!
It's looking likely I'll be starting uni in Sept! I'm getting excited now 😊

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ThereAreTooMany Sat 23-Jun-18 01:00:22

Well done. You must be very excited 🌟🌟🌟🌟😁

itsBritneyBeach Sat 23-Jun-18 01:20:02


RoryGillmoresEvilTwin Tue 26-Jun-18 14:52:28

Thank you 😊😊

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