Am i mad?

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AimeeElizabeth95 Sun 15-Apr-18 09:31:32

I'm 23 with 4 children....yes you read right 23 with 4 kids. Its crazy considering they're all under 7. I'm the type of person I LOVE a full plate, probably a plate and a half. I always need to be doing or planning something, me and my partner are getting married next August but its just going to be small and intimate. Anyways getting to the point, I've recently applied to do an Access to Higher Education course at my local college commencing September this year, 3 days a week with the intention of going on to University. My 6 year old is already in full time, my 4 year old is starting full time, my 2 year old does half days, then I have a 4 month old. Ive looked into it all and i'll get help with childcare. But Im bored stiff at home, I was working before I had my son, but its a hell whole and a total dead end job, I thought why not actually go back into education. But am I mad? I can handle a lot of pressure but im just worrying that its going to be a little too much! Sorry for the pargraph, but just looking for anyone that's been in a similar circumstance that can shed some light!!
Thanks! xox

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TheRagingGirl Sun 15-Apr-18 13:21:27

Not mad at all.

You'll be an excellent role model for your children, about the value of education, getting good qualifications, and being able to follow work in a field you are interested in, and giving back to the community through meaningful work and a home for your children which supports their aspirations and education.

It's a great idea. But take it step by step. One step at a time towards your end goals.

Good luck!

mygrandchildrenrock Mon 16-Apr-18 21:48:23

Well, it was a long long time ago, but I was 22 with 3 small children when my marriage broke up. I did an access course, then went to University when my children were 4, 6 & 10. I took 4 years to do my degree rather than 3, because my children all got chicken pox one after another, so I missed 6 weeks and ended up deferring for a year!
This was in the days before breakfast and after school clubs, so I won't pretend it was easy. However, now at the end of my career, I am a Headteacher, my 3 children all went on to University and have good careers. I did re-marry and have 2 more children but that's another story!
Good luck whatever you decide to do.

Puzzledmum Mon 16-Apr-18 23:08:50

Good for you, OP! Not mad at all. Go for it while you are still young! Good luck!

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