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Liverpool university MSc-wtaf?!

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Goosegettingfat Wed 04-Apr-18 21:36:06

So I'm trying to sort out a masters. In psychology, distance learning, in case that's important. Sifted through comparing loads of them. Took ages. Sent an enquiry to Liverpool.

A couple of days later got an unexpected and very salesman-like phone call from one of their enrollment advisors. Didn't really have a great deal of interest in speaking to him while trying to jiggle my grouchy baby, so was pleased when he offered to email all the info.

Read through it: they are saying over £17k and 29 months (ft) to do a masters!!!!!! What?! Am I missing something? This is about 9k more than anywhere else I've found, but when I (very politely) queried it, he said this is absolutely the norm for "a good" uk university. It's not, right?

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wizzywig Wed 04-Apr-18 21:40:05

Oh yeah Liverpool and roehampton uni have eyewateringly high fees. Was it for the psych MSC?

wizzywig Wed 04-Apr-18 21:40:38

Duh. Just read that's its for the MSC psych

Callamia Wed 04-Apr-18 21:41:05

Is it a conversion course?

Goosegettingfat Thu 05-Apr-18 02:43:11

Oh, this is a Liverpool thing? I wonder why on earth they can justify it! Yes it's a conversion

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Callamia Thu 05-Apr-18 07:40:24

Conversion courses are usually more expensive because you gain the graduate basis for chartership.

I think the distance learning MSc at Kings are similarly priced (not conversion though). Do Chester have a distance learning conversion? I remember that they were setting one up years ago. May also be worth looking at Birkbeck?

Wishfulmakeupping Thu 05-Apr-18 07:44:30

I’m paying nearly 14k at York but the 29 months for a full time masters seems odd?!

Goosegettingfat Thu 05-Apr-18 08:03:22

But callamia lots of non conversion masters Also give you gbc - for people who did a batchelors in psychology not accredited by bps I believe?

Wishful is that the psychology of education one? That would be my absolute favourite but York isn't geographically viable for me. It will comfort me (a bit) to know it's too expensive for me anyway grin. Very best of luck to you with it though.

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Lifesaclimb Thu 05-Apr-18 21:51:42

Hey, i looked at doing this exact course by distance learning but unfortunately as you say it was totally financially unviable! It absolutely is not the norm and I have no idea why it is so expensive, I was under the impression that it was something to do with the distance learning aspect? Anyway, I ended up doing an MSc conversion course for a way way more manageable amount and am really enjoying it smile
Mine isn't by distance learning, but I think the uni of Derby do (or used to do) a distance learning one which was meant to be pretty well regarded. In general I think lower ranked unis will have lower fees, and the ranking of the uni is probably not as important as long as you get the GBC element for psychology.

Lifesaclimb Thu 05-Apr-18 21:52:32

Good luck with it! Don't let this put you off, there are lots of more affordable options out there, it's certainly not a standard fee

Goosegettingfat Thu 05-Apr-18 23:35:00

Lifesaclimb that's really encouraging and helpful, thank you! I won't let it put me off. Unfortunately at this stage, I need the distance learning part. Just out of interest, are you (or anyone else) managing to do this ft? I'm a sahm but my 3 dc are all under school age and I just have no idea how anyone can fit in the recommended 40h per week around dc, unless the dc are in school!

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Wishfulmakeupping Fri 06-Apr-18 14:20:15

Op I’m doing ma Public Policy at York but completely online no physical attendance needed bar graduation. I’m doing it part time over two years (full yrs not academic) and they recommend 15-20 hours study which includes lecture time. I’m probably doing 10 hours on average and getting decent marks. Have a look if York do any online ones ive found them fab. Started an online ma through nott uni but gave up after 1st module due to lack of support - York have been the opposite

Goosegettingfat Fri 06-Apr-18 15:17:06

Wishful that is great to hear about York- the course there is my favourite but unfortunately I need one that is British Psychological Society accredited and online- quite a rarity. Otherwise I'd definitely go for York. But thanks anyway

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AristotlesTrousers Sat 07-Apr-18 13:22:41

The Derby course is supposed to be good, OP. I actually started it the other year, but there was a problem at the time re: the accreditation and I had to withdraw (have since gone on to do something completely different). The accreditation issue has now been sorted, so should be fine. They also didn't go in for the hard-sell, like I remember Roehampton doing.

Gossipgirl2 Sun 29-Apr-18 21:01:37

I thought the same! I don't know if you've seen this but I found the BPS really helpful for finding distance learning MSc courses. I started the Manchester Met Uni course in September but dropped out due to health issues. From what I gathered the average price for a conversion course is £7000-8000 or about £975 per module.

blossomy Sun 29-Apr-18 21:03:59

I have thought about retraining in psychology. Those of you doing the conversion course, may I ask what you intend to do with it? smile

Gossipgirl2 Sun 29-Apr-18 21:04:07

Here's the link

Waitingforsherlock Mon 30-Apr-18 12:47:35

How did you find the MMU one please Gossipgirl2 ?

Gossipgirl2 Mon 30-Apr-18 13:19:17

I was only on the course for about 6 weeks I had to drop out due to health issues but I enjoyed it. The workload was quite intense but I think that's because I did the full time option. The modules were really interesting. As expected it's a lot independent learning. Basically each week there's a video lecture and usually a couple of chapters to read. Full time is 5 modules per semester and part time is 2.

Waitingforsherlock Tue 01-May-18 21:07:11

Thanks Gossipgirl, that does sound really intense. I thought the modules sounded interesting. I did a 60 credit University Cert course last year and found that pretty full on. Not sure if I could cope with five modules per semester. Thanks for the info.

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