I am nothing but a failure

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MilkyCoffeeAndSkinnySyrup Fri 30-Mar-18 09:45:25

Hi everyone.. so this thread probably sounds like I feel sorry for myself and I did post one at the start but I still feel like I need to get it off my chest! So I am currently studying my third and final year at a non-RG university (quite frankly it's an absolute rubbish uni!) I have got a DipHE from a previous uni before I transferred to do a top up.

I paid out of my own pocket to do an access course which I successfully passed but I didn't actually need it, because I have found that I could've got onto a course without having any qualifications at all! I haven't even got any accredited certificates in maths and English, which I have to have if I want to work in my preferred sector whether I get a degree or not, but I still got into uni regardless.

I have decided to start back from scratch, so I am going to apply to go back to college part time to redo my English and Maths and then do a higher NVQ at work or volunteer (I will pay for it all), and go from there. One thing I am really annoyed about is that I now have a debt to pay off to Student Finance, but that's life isn't it sad So the main reason I am failing is because my uni course just isn't what I want to do, I have got low grades because I haven't had the desire to want to pass anything and so therefore my classification is most likely going to be a 2:2 or a third.

I have no passion or desire to pass or do anything with this degree (Micky noise degree), the modules and contents are boring and my lack of intellectual knowledge reflects that as well hence why I want to leave ASAP! I do feel like dead end jobs are there for a reason and it's mainly for people like me who are complete and utter failures sad

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DailyWailEatsSnails Fri 30-Mar-18 20:08:08

I am sorry if this sounds mean.

You've got to try to make the most of whatever life throws at you. That's called resilience. Whatever your mistakes, it won't help you to walk away with a 3rd. Need to try to make the most of the opportunities you have and the situation you find yourself in. Do not see this Uni course as failure, see it as a stage in your journey. This is the number one skill you could gain now. You can do this. x

Moominmammacat Mon 02-Apr-18 09:45:37

It's the system that has failed you by allowing you into this position. But chin up, get on with it and better luck next time.

Eatsleepworkrepeat Mon 02-Apr-18 09:48:45

Getting a 2.2 is fine, and will give you access to many careers. Surely if you're in your final year you have literally a couple of months to go? You're not planning on dropping out are you?

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