University sports teams, Sportsvest tour.

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Travelledtheworld Mon 26-Mar-18 08:51:55

Anyone have any experience of a company called "sportsvest".
They organise spring activity camps for University sports teams.
DD has just had a horrendous 36 hour coach trip to Croatia. Mindless vandalism and bad behaviour exhibited by many participants including one of the coaches being smashed up by Rugby team.

Arrived late at night at the resort to find out that their rooms had been double booked...... rooms infested with ants, water coming out of the taps is a strange colour etc etc.
Camp hasn't actually started yet.
Anyone else had a similar experience ?

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MrsDocrae Fri 20-Jul-18 21:58:58

Sorry, TravelledtheworId, I've only had your post pointed out to me today. DD also had horrendous time. Ongoing complaint with Outgoing Limited (operating arm of Sportvest) but extremely poor response so far. Can't be the only concerned parents out there, the tour took in several universities.

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