Opinions on Psychology undergrad?

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TwitterThread3 Sat 24-Mar-18 21:12:24

My sister studies BSc Psychology at an ‘ok’ London uni, 2nd year. It is a BPS accredited course.

She says that she’s starting to feel like psychology is a pointless degree, and she regrets her course choice. She wanted to study it as she sat A level psychology and loved it, and it’s a broad field that she could go from marketing to HR to counselling in as she didn’t have a career field in mind.

She hates it because her tutors have chosen all mental health disorder optional modules: with psychology you need to sit specific modules for BPS accreditation, and the few others are the university’s choice. Her uni has chosen ALL mental health optional modules rather than other fields of psychology eg social, cognitive, forensic etc. She isn’t enjoying this as a lot of the content is included in the BPS modules, it’s overbearing. Her university has a massive emphasis on group work and video submissions rather than essays/literature reviews too, which she isn’t enjoying as her group peers don’t take assignments seriously. Her HOD is very informal and spends a lot of time in lectures discussing her children/personal life so again, she feels like lectures are pointless

Her uni isn’t great (it’s more of a party/social/‘bants’ university) so she feels like future employers will judge her both on having a ‘shit degree, from a shit uni’. I don’t know what to suggest - do you think Psychology is a pointless degree? Not sure whether to tell her to stick it out and do a masters in a different field, transfer universities or to change her degree.

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sourpatchkid Sat 24-Mar-18 21:17:55

Does she know what she wants to do now? Personally I wouldn't do a psychology degree unless I wanted to go into psychology but that said very few of my peers who did used it for psychology. My closest did accounting, teaching and management.

Can she transfer to another course?

Moominfan Sat 24-Mar-18 21:21:56

Due to finish a psychology degree. Going to masters in social work so I can actually get a job. Really popular and over saturated. Can masters in an area she wants to specialise in

SomeRandomBird Sat 24-Mar-18 21:29:24

I did Psychology at an 'ok' uni, doing alright for myself now in completely unrelated line of work.

If she's almost finishing her 2nd year it would be a shame to drop out at this stage!

chocolatepudandchocolatesauce Sat 24-Mar-18 21:38:05

I did a psychology degree and then a masters in social work. My friends from my psychology course work in the police force, teachers, and in I.T.

Angharad07 Sun 15-Apr-18 15:22:55

I’m a psychology 3rd year and no it’s definitely not a pointless degree! It’s such a shame about her uni’s choice of modules. I’ve studied a wide range of subjects within the field that I loved (like Evolutionary psychology and Neuroscience).

If she still likes the subject then encourage her to to a bit of her own research in fields that she might be interested in. She might find something suitable for a Masters instead. Personally, I am very done with uni and I won’t be doing a masters. But that’s because I’m finding the “uni bubble” quite tedious.

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