MA- subject I'm interested in or try and find something employment related?

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TuftedLadyGrotto Fri 16-Mar-18 10:36:01

I want to do an MA, I love studying. I was a teacher for over 10 years and now work for a trade union.

I've been looking at MA courses. I'd love to do sociology, it's something I'm really interested, did some related bits in my BA. But I'm not sure what it might lead to, if anything in terms of career. Because of leaving teaching I'm in 'a job' (albeit one I like). I'd love to lecture/research etc in He but I'm not naive and no it isn't that easy to get into or secure.

The other option is I look at something that could translate more easily into employment somehow. Not exactly what that would be. I work part time, but couldn't stop to fully retrain.

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goldenlilliesdaffodillies Sat 31-Mar-18 21:44:43

I would go for something which could lead onto a job. Is a part time MA an option?

BubblesBuddy Sat 31-Mar-18 22:24:12

What skills are most in demand in your work place? Are there any specific courses that would help with your career?

I don’t think an MA in sociology goes anywhere. I could be wrong. It would if it was in social work though! Alternatively, why not do a professional qualification. MBA or CIPD or similar. Would this open up work possibilities?

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