Medicine Bursary Mossbourne/Fast track interviews/grade reductions

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tucket Mon 19-Feb-18 18:39:36

Does anyone have info on this being offered at Mossbourne's Clivebourne Academy from Sept 18.
The blurb says it offers coaching in BMAT/UKCAT/help with shadowing, help accessing places at top ranked universities.
Followed the links on its website and Manchester/York featured. It looks like the students can obtain very generous offers, eg. ABB instead of the usual AAA which is the minimum requirement advertised for most medicine courses. Students can also get fast tracked thru to the coveted MMI interview stage. Is it available to students outside of Hackney? Have called them but just get an answer machine or phone hung up. Receptionist said unlikely that course director would speak to me as I was a parent hmm

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tucket Wed 21-Feb-18 16:21:30

Bump! Anyone? It also has a Rowing Academy and is likened to a state school Eton. Has anybody gained admittance from outside of Hackney?

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thecatfromjapan Wed 21-Feb-18 16:25:50

Ds was offered a place at Mossbourne from (well) outside Hackney. We were very keen, though.

NOT for this scholarship, which I don't know anything about.

Surely you should just get all the application information and it will be clear when applying if your child is within the criteria?

tucket Wed 21-Feb-18 17:27:26

There are few details on the website. It just asks for an average of Grade 7s at GCSE- the old Grade A. Then asks parents for supporting letter. I would like more details.
Had a quick look at some uni medicine depts' grade requirements. I don't think an average of 7 would get you considered at many med schools. A few ask for 8 Grade 7s.
From some research of university websites it looks as though some students can get contextual offers. If this course ties into those schemes, with fast track to interview, then it's certainly an attractive prospect as medicine is massively competitive.

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RedHelenB Thu 22-Feb-18 15:34:14

Most unis will have schemes to help children of low income/parents not going to uni etc. For egg. Sheffield will guarantee an interview if you do their programme and give study help and arrange work experience.

alreadytaken Thu 22-Feb-18 21:40:04

sounds like a lot of puff.

Most medical schools have outreach programmes for the disadvantaged and there may be contextual offers available to some. If your child is currently at a dud school it may be worthwhile.

thecatfromjapan Fri 23-Feb-18 18:02:10

It's a good school - so long as your child is able to get along with the school's discipline style.

They do get a lot of children into Cambridge and onto medicine courses (don't know about Oxford) and they do very well with high-achievers. They have strong pastoral care, too.

It's probably worth applying for if that is what your child wants.

As I said, though, they are extremely well-known for their approach to discipline, so make sure your child will be OK with that.

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