Do you have to be brilliant to get a place on a theatre design degree or does enthusiasm count for more?

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hardworkharriet Sat 17-Feb-18 13:19:52

DD has been for 4 interviews for theatre design, no results yet, particularly loved RWCMD. She despairs of getting a place as most only seem to take up to 16 students per year for the BA.

She had thought her portfolio was OK and she has done some theatre design stuff as part of her art foundation, but she now thinks it is rubbish compared to others. She realises her foundation course is very poor.

If she doesn’t get in, is it worth taking a gap year and doing more classes to get a better portfolio together, then reapplying or accept she is not what they are looking for and do something else instead?

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TheRagingGirl Sat 17-Feb-18 15:23:40

Far more important than redoing classes would be working in the Theatre. Getting lots of experience in good Theatre, seeing how directors and designers approach scripts and ow they generate ideas and how they collaborate.

bettys Sat 17-Feb-18 17:41:59

Agree with TheRagingGirl, they will be looking for hands-on experience and evidence of involvement with school/college theatre. I just found the info below on the Wimbledon College of Arts BA Theatre Design page. Sounds quite a tough course to get on to, has your DD considered Technical Theatre? There is a good course at Guildhall and you apply outside UCAS

Portfolio advice:
Portfolios should show the following:
A range of visual recording, such as drawing, life drawing and photography
Experimentation, which demonstrates idea generation and development
Visual work which uses form, structure, colour, texture and space
Design development showing how problems are solved
Previous experience of theatre work
Sketchbooks and notebooks

At interview and portfolio review
We look for:
An interest, commitment and motivation for studying the subject
An ability to work imaginatively and creatively in 2D and 3D visual media, materials and processes
An ability to create, investigate and develop ideas independently
An ability to communicate your ideas visually, verbally and in writing
Potential for creative problem solving
An ability to self-direct and evaluate your own work
An ability to engage with the idea of character in the context of a dramatic situation
Visual awareness and an understanding of the creative process
Cultural and historical awareness of theatre design and performance
Motivation for working in theatre related industries
A desire to learn and succeed

hardworkharriet Sat 17-Feb-18 18:07:19

Thanks for your comments. Earlier this afternoon she checked UCAS and received an offer from Rose Bruford - so she is really happy!
She doesn’t want to go to Wimbledon as her experience of the UAL foundation she is doing is very negative!

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bettys Sat 17-Feb-18 18:15:36

Congratulations to your DD!

TheRagingGirl Sat 17-Feb-18 19:24:33

Congrats to your DD.

But it’s a pity she’s ruled out Wimbledon - it’s probably THE best place to go. The staff are wonderful and the list of alumni working at high levels in the industry is verrrry impressive.

hardworkharriet Sat 17-Feb-18 21:47:41

Thank you both!
Her experience of the foundation at CCW has been so awful, she doesn’t want to risk another UAL college. Appalling teaching, tutors who don’t give a fuck and some students can’t participate because they cannot speak English at all.
I think the most successful for student careers are LIPA or RWCMD? She would love to go to Cardiff.

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bettys Sun 18-Feb-18 09:12:40

Sorry to hear that about her art foundation course - personally I've always had a poor view of them. I was advised against doing one myself when I went to university which ruled out some courses but my local college didn't have a good reputation and I didn't want to spend another year at home. However some universities do require them. I would doubt that Wimbledon would operate in the same way but can understand it would put her off.

user1484040234 Sun 18-Feb-18 14:02:52

Mountview who are moving to new premises in Peckham, London are supposed to be good

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