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LegallyBrunet Sat 10-Feb-18 23:37:19

I'm a first year law student and aspiring solicitor. A local solicitor's firm has very kindly offered me work experience in their criminal department over reading week. I start on Monday. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to get the most out of this opportunity? Also, will they expect me to know everything? I haven't studied much Criminal Law since my Access course as it's a second year module at my university although I am busy swotting.
Thank you!

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ZBIsabella Sun 11-Feb-18 09:38:37

Good for you. It will be good experience. In my week (in my first year as a law student which I did in the July) they did not expect me to know everything at all. They took me to court and some meetings which was kind of them and I had a chance to talk to people in the office. it helped me realise I did not want to work in my home town (where the firm was) which was useful too and I ended up training in London.

If you think you might want to work there in due course then just try to make a good impression, smile, be willing, stay late if they ask, try to find out what they usually wear so you will fit in etc etc. Offer to do things if sitting around with nothing to do even if it is just admin stuff - at least they will see you are willing to muck in with anything. Don't be late. Don't rush out on the dot of the end time at the end of the day. Try to get on with people.

BubblesBuddy Sun 11-Feb-18 11:40:21

My DD did work experience for 2 weeks with a firm of regional solicitors. They were about 20 miles from home. This was about 4 years ago so quite recently. She wasn’t studying law but intended to do the GDL.

Obviously turn up on time and be willing. They knew DD would not know any law but she was kept busy doing a bit of research, delivering bundles to court and generally assisting where required. She mostly worked with the Family team as that’s where her interests lay. She also read through a lot of documents for accuracy and spotting of inconsistencies.

You could sit in on meetings with clients if that’s ok with everyone concerned. You only have a week so you just need to get a feel of what they do. It’s ok to ask questions.

Wear a neat top and a skirt on day 1. Smart work style shoes that are clean and polished. Neat hair. Dress accordingly when you see what everyone else is doing. Trousers and a top are just fine too.

DD thoroughly enjoyed her time with them and is now a barrister. They were helpful and even paid her! Quite a lot. They said she had been useful. That’s what you want to aim for ultimately - being useful!

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