Children Studying at university in Europe?

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13splen Fri 02-Feb-18 23:35:26

We are not from the UK but exploring options for our ds for university and doing trip this summer to Berlin and Amsterdam to look at possible international uni programmes. Anyone have and experience or advice to share on specific schools?

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CornflakeMum Wed 07-Feb-18 15:31:04

No direct experience, but if you're from the EU you can study in Sweden for free - will obviously have living costs, but fees are paid! Many courses are conducted in English.

Maddaddam Thu 08-Feb-18 08:47:49

My 16yo is going to an open day at Amsterdam uni next month. We're in the UK and she's also looking at British universities.

No experience yet but we're looking into it. Dd2 has been comparing the courses, she also looked at the American university in Paris but it didn't have the right courses. She's interested in some combination of Spanish/Linguistics/Philosophy. She would need a course based in English, but is (obviously from the subject choice) keen on languages, and she would like the opportunity for studying another language - French (she has some French already), Dutch, German would all interest her.

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