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Slight Rant

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hungryhenryshouldeatelsewhere Fri 02-Feb-18 12:48:52

Had an interview for teacher training yesterday. Seemed to do well, had a very good feeling about it. They called me today and said I'd make an excellent teacher, my presentation was good, had good rapport with the students etc etc. They said I was unsuccessful this time because I haven't got enough school experience but I can reapply next year and get some experience in the meantime. I have placements booked over the next few months. I wasn't able to gain experience in the immediate past as I gave birth in August so have been slightly busy with other endeavours, but I made it clear I would be incredibly committed to the training.

I'm obviously very disappointed as I really wanted this. I don't understand, if it all boiled down to experience, why they even invited me for interview when it was written in black and white on my application how much experience I (don't) have. It just seemed to waste everybody's time and get my hopes up in the process. I happened to read an article prior to my interview which says that due to the recruitment and retention crisis, ofsted will be clamping down on institutions which reject applications from perfectly capable people, and that they aren't looking for candidates ability to teach before their course, but whether or not they can be trained. How ironic.

Feeling like a sore loser.

RedHelenB Fri 02-Feb-18 13:41:46

If you want to do it take their advice. So many people leaving teaching you really do need to know something of the realities before commencing training Bet you'll walk it next year with more experience under your belt.

LadyLance Fri 02-Feb-18 15:33:23

After you've done your placements, you could apply for another institution via apply b?

Are you applying for primary or secondary? Which subject?

I would say that having some school experience is essential before interview, as they want to discuss this with you. Universities normally make this fairly clear in their guidance for applicants.

Kez100 Thu 08-Feb-18 19:17:08

It might simply be that your inexperience was evident during the interview process. Be pleased you've been given feedback and now you can act on that. Hopefully they'll have a vacancy after you've done that and you can reapply. I was a nice thing to say. So many don't give feedback now as I guess it's simply easier to not engage when you've turned them down, so I think it's good of them to take the time to do so.

BubblesBuddy Fri 09-Feb-18 15:22:09

Perhaps other applicants were more able to demonstrate school experience and they preferred them to you. Next time eithbthe right experience you would be a shoo in. Was this PGCE or training in a teaching position?

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