Did any of you not enjoy university?

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NotEnjoyingUni Thu 25-Jan-18 19:48:26

I just wondered what your experiences of university were. Basically, I'm not really enjoying uni, and wondered if a lot of other people had been in this position. It seems to me everyone loves it where I am. If you didn't enjoy university, why was it exactly? Did you carry on to get your degree, or drop out? (I was thinking of dropping out, but now I'm determined to get my degree)

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HSMMaCM Sun 28-Jan-18 12:12:22

Do you know why you're not enjoying it? The course? The accommodation? The people? The place?

Whatever it is, please don't bottle it all up. Speak to your student advisor and your parents.

Good for you being determined to make it work, but try and make some good memories too.

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