Art Courses - Anyone waiting on offers after a portfolio interview?

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ComfortablyGlum Thu 25-Jan-18 13:05:12

Not seen much chat on here about practical arts subject, so I thought I’d see if there were any other anxious parents awaiting news?

DD had a portfolio interview for a visual arts undergraduate course last week. She was told she would get a decision “in about a week” - it’s been a little over that now and still no update. We are going slightly stir crazy!

The interview (and group activity) went well but it’s always hard to tell what they are looking for with art. The boundaries are so much clearer when offers are made on A level results only! This particular course does still require 3 decent passes but the offers are made purely on the portfolio interview.

Anyone heard back from any portfolio interviews yet? Would be nice share experiences!

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Maddaddam Thu 25-Jan-18 16:12:50

My dc1 had a portfolio-based interview for a very specific art and design course (this exact course seems to be only run at one uni) last week, and they had an offer at the interview. I really don't know much about art courses or portfolios, especially as dc1 only decided to apply to this one uni course 2 weeks ago (the week of the UCAS deadline) so the application was a rush.

Dc1 got an unconditional offer, based on interview and portfolio, which they are thrilled about, but we don't know if this is normal for this course, or for porfolio art courses. I do know that a lot goes on the portfolio, and for dc1, their portfolio is on stuff they've done outside their 6th form courses, and very relevant to the course (very practical design items). Dc1 is ambivalent about A levels but terribly keen on this design area, so the portfolio interview probably helped them.

Not sure if that is any help to you though?

BubblesBuddy Thu 25-Jan-18 17:35:38

My DD applied for arts courses a few years ago with portfolios required for three of them. Two gave her an offer about 2 weeks after the interview. The other one - May 1st came round and not a squeak out of them. The interview was on 14 February and they also changed the time on the day so it was a shambles. They were still asking for applicants on the web site of the college so we can only assume they did not like her. She had the offer she wanted so she just rejected the one that never bothered to respond after the interview. (Brighton by the way).

Another one, the LCC, never contacted her about anything at all so obviously they had to be rejected too. The problem with hanging around is that you need to apply for accommodation and they want you to firm before you can do this. Accommodation opened in May.

One week is nothing though. 2.5 months was a disgrace.

Kez100 Thu 25-Jan-18 17:53:45

Having seen my daughter and friends go through arts degrees I think they know what they are looking for and so a rejection, whilst upsetting, is probably for the best.

My DD got an unconditional offer for hers and a first on graduation, but two others rejected her after interview. She ironically met a couple of students from the courses she was rejected from as they were all short listed for a prize and she said her work definitely suited her course more than the others. She could understand why she was rejected.

I'm not sure if this helps or not but it might if a rejection comes his way.

ComfortablyGlum Fri 02-Feb-18 10:16:16

Thanks for all your experiences.

We have a very happy DC here as they have received an offer!

Good luck to any others waiting for news.

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bettys Mon 05-Feb-18 08:59:30

Maddaddam sorry if I'm being nosy and you don't want to say, but where was your dc's offer from ? My dc also had an unconditional after portfolio & interview, whereas other universities just made an offer on portfolio, and one without even that! Seems very varied across the board for practical arts subjects.

Maddaddam Mon 05-Feb-18 17:43:05

Good news ComfortablyGlum!

Bettys if you PM me I'm happy to say.

I don't really know how well regarded this uni is for this sort of course - I know lots about universities in general and academic courses, but not much about the art and design world. This was a more practical arts subject than most, more 3d materials, more work experience. Dc's portfolio included a musical instrument they'd designed and built, and details of theatre stage sets they'd worked on. That sort of area.


Kez100 Mon 05-Feb-18 18:49:48

A practical arts course with no portfolio review would concern me that it's a bums on seats decision and not necessarily the best fit for their work.

Obviously it might turn out to be perfect for them but it raises my suspicions.

bettys Tue 06-Feb-18 10:34:52

ComfortablyGlum Congratulations on your DD's offer! We found some came back with an offer immediately and one (Plymouth) even though they said they were making an offer on the day took ages to reply with the grades!

Kez100 agree with you on that!

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