Anyone on the Educational Psychology Doctorate? (Or has been on it in the last 5 years or so?)

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hypnotisingchickens Thu 25-Jan-18 10:36:09

So, my dream career has always been Educational Psychologist. It has never been the right time (experience/ finance/ DC) but I applied this year, and have an interview at Tavistock so far (UEL and IOE haven't shortlisted yet.) I spoke to our school EP yesterday who advised me that the Tavi course is 9-5, 5 days per week, occasionally longer. I live an hours commute away, and have two primary aged DC - I fear that I have been quite naive to think that I can manage doing the course and still ever see my children! Can any lovely mumsnetters who have done an EP doctorate advise me on typical 'in university' time in the first year of the course? I think I could manage 4 full on days with a day at home to study/ do the school, but 5 would be too much! Thank you!

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hypnotisingchickens Thu 25-Jan-18 17:30:30

Hopeful bump wink

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Goosegettingfat Sat 14-Apr-18 16:13:07

Probably not much help, but I hope to eventually be in the same boat. How did you get on? I researched the same course at a different uni, discovered those hours and decided it was too much for me for a couple of years (3 dc, all under 8 and 2 not yet in school). So I'm very curious about how it's gone for you!

LiquoriceTea Sat 14-Apr-18 16:14:55

I looked a few years ago and think it was at least those hours , with needing to go to library and occasional evening lecture and of course study outside the hours. As it was over an hours commute to the uni I decided I couldn't do itsad

Emrae Thu 13-Aug-20 10:01:22

Hey, I know this is old but just wondering if you ever went onto study EP? I am
in my final year of my psychology undergrad and thinking about doing an EP doctorate but to be honest I don’t know much about this field or what exactly you do. I just think I’d like it as I like working with children who have behavioural and emotional problems. I also like research so think I’d like studying it. At the moment I’m thinking about what to do for my dissertation and have a few ideas surrounding how certain types of play can enhance executive functioning/ resilience.

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