Chemistry at Bristol or Durham?

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Bakingbutterqueen Fri 19-Jan-18 21:09:55

DS17 has offers from both, whilst he’s drawn to the city of Bristol and the prospect of an (perhaps unfounded opinion) easier course, he likes the collegiate system at durham. Although Durham is more prestigious in the UK, Bristol seems to be better worldwide and he does want to work abroad in the future. Any opinions on either uni? And Bath may be a slight possibility too...

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BubblesBuddy Fri 19-Jan-18 23:23:30

Does he have the college he wanted at Durham? This was a big deal for DD. I would have thought Chemistry at either was fine. I don’t think Bristol would be easy! I cannot think why he thinks that. Can he do a year abroad at both? I know Bristol offer this for some courses and may be worth investigating but he may have had to apply for a different course to do that! DD actually went to Bristol. He would be happy at either, I’m sure. Lots of students at both do very well in their careers.

Bakingbutterqueen Sat 20-Jan-18 16:07:23

College allocation begins in Feb so he doesn’t know yet! Do certain colleges for certain reputations? Collingwood supposedly sporty grin or any in particular to avoid? Apparently Bristol has a lower average entry tariff! He actually did apply for the year abroad at Bristol there’s more opportunities to go abroad in the US, Australia etc (which he prefers) whereas the international route at Durham focuses in Europe. How is your dd finding it at Bristol? He absolutely loved the applicant day there, and the goldney hall was apparently fantastic!

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BubblesBuddy Sat 20-Jan-18 19:13:37

Goldney is the most over subscribed hall. Others in the Stoke Bishop area are just fine though. DD has left now but her ex boyfriend did a science course with a year abroad in France and DD did MFL so compulsory year abroad! She knew a student who did year abroad in Australia and of course it was amazing. However doing the year abroad makes it seriously hard work to get a good mark in that year. So Bristol is not easy and entry scores won’t make much difference in terms of what is required at both.

DD had been very keen on Durham but was offered Van Mildert at Durham and it didn’t float her boat as it was out of the city and not near her faculty. She just fell out of love with the idea. A teacher had strongly suggested another college, due to DDs singing capability, but she didn’t get allocated that one.

Collingwood is near the science faculty I believe. Some colleges are favoured by overseas students. Castle is mega difficult to get into and DD gambled on this. Hild Bede would have suited her with hindsight. I think DD would have been happy at Durham but she rejected it. In the end it’s made no difference to her career at all. Perhaps look at grad destinations for chemistry. Bath has an excellent reputation too but particularly for business. Not sure about Chemistry.

Bakingbutterqueen Sat 20-Jan-18 20:23:12

What is it about the year abroad that makes it harder? Is it the change of environment, making new friends/too busy having fun or more to do with an unfamiliar education system? I’d imagine potentially learning in a different language is difficult too! Thank you for the info about colleges too, I’m not too familiar with the system so it’s useful to get some insight!

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BubblesBuddy Sun 21-Jan-18 20:46:32

All the things you mention about going abroad ensure it is not easy! If you do it in another language it’s even more challenging unless you are pretty good before you go. DDs ex had to study French for two years (no A level in French) and went in Y3 of a 4 yr MEng course. His course was not increased by a year to go abroad. He went to a very high brow Grande Ecole but it was all taught in French. He was marked on his work abroad for Y3 by the Grande Ecole. It’s different for MFL students because the uk university sets their required work. However many will say it’s the best year! There will be an opportunity to travel and make new friends. I think it offers a fantastic opportunity but it’s not easy.

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