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Taught Masters Degree application deadlines?

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AnnaMagdalene Fri 24-Nov-17 15:18:26

I've had a sudden desire to apply to do a particular taught Masters degree - part-time starting in autumn 2018 at a university in my region.

It is something I had thought about before but it hadn't been the right time. However things have changed and I am now seriously interested.

(Oddly this was triggered by my daughter who is going to graduate and is applying to do a masters at the university where she studies. She told me her application would have to be in soon.)

So I looked at the University website. The information about the course I want is quite vague, and it advised emailing the Professor who is in charge for further details. Which I have done. After 24 hours I also decided to email the post-graduate enquiry team with a specific query about fees and deadlines. The automated reply says I'd hear within 5 working days.

I just wondered if anyone here had general information about the time of year when universities expect to receive applications of this type.

I feel completely out of the loop! (I'm quite old)

titchy Fri 24-Nov-17 16:14:41

Summer just before it starts!

titchy Fri 24-Nov-17 16:15:44

A slightly fuller answer - summer term, so after Easter. Up till Easter we tend to be concentrating on UG applications.

AnnaMagdalene Fri 24-Nov-17 16:19:18

Oh good, I'd like to get plenty of information and have a bit of time to think. Was worried about potentially missing boats but I seem to be okay....


TheDrsDocMartens Fri 24-Nov-17 16:28:23

Mine had to be in Sept for Jan start.

eatyourveg Fri 24-Nov-17 17:17:18

ds went to a PG open day in the spring, applied a week or two later for the autumn start. He had to choose his major at the time of applying but didn't need to choose any of his minors unti the summer holidays

LRDtheFeministDragon Sat 25-Nov-17 11:00:21

It varies quite a lot and not all of them are summer.

scaryteacher Sat 25-Nov-17 12:17:48

Ds applied for his in May/June to start September, despite parental nagging. He then chased it up as he wasn't sure it had been submitted electronically. He was accepted, but it helped they'd just given him a First, and he had a great reference from the department he was going back to!!

AnnaMagdalene Sat 25-Nov-17 13:06:15

Thanks LRD and others. If I've not heard anything by the end of next week, I'll chase for clarification.

museumum Sat 25-Nov-17 13:10:37

I think I applied around UG exam time (May/June) but it was mega-competitive.

The one I teach on now never knows numbers till really close to the start! It is less competitive in raw numbers as it doesn’t fill up.

AnnaMagdalene Fri 01-Dec-17 12:27:37

Just popping back into say I've now had dealings with the postgraduate admissions people and the person who is in charge of the degree course. So I know as much as I need to for the time being. Going to look round/sit in on a seminar next term.

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