Biology degree question

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Theyearofthecats Wed 22-Nov-17 00:13:07

Has anyone done a Biology degree with Alevels in Biology and Physics or another science but not Chemistry?
Chemistry is listed as a preferred subject by UCAS.But not essential.
I have a thread in further education about this too (Dd is choosing her A levels)

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Abetes Wed 22-Nov-17 07:01:14

My friend’s son is doing biology at a Russell Group uni without chemistry. Needed some help from a friend in his hall studying chemistry to get through the first year but doing fine. He also got 5 offers when he applied so definitely not a requirement.

Theyearofthecats Wed 22-Nov-17 08:18:25

Thanks that sounds promising

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titchy Wed 22-Nov-17 17:01:36

Yes my dd is. Also RG. Had 5 out of 5 offers. Did Chem AS though. Durham interestingly doesn't insist on it.

GladysKnight Wed 22-Nov-17 19:36:01

There are lots of biology degree courses you can do without Chemistry, including RG - so Birmingham, Oxford for example (dd in the process of applying in just this position), but also some you'd be excluded from or have very restricted options in at best - eg Cambridge (nat sci), Kings and several others including some that we quite liked the look of. There is quite a lot of chemistry in biology IMO (but then I always liked chemistry grin ). (DD did not take the A level as she doesn't like it much, and her direction was different 18 mths ago).

So yes it's possible, but yes, some options will be closed down. However, the subject they want to take instead might open other options of course! I didn't want dd to take an A level she'd have hated.

Theyearofthecats Thu 23-Nov-17 09:30:09

Thanks.Its good to know it can be done but is it going to be a lot more work with the extra maths for physics and extra chemistry if doing biology degree that has chemistry modules?
Also if she decides to go for law our daughter's friend who did it did pathways course at evening class which was a lot of extra work.
She is hardworking and academically able I just think it's going to be harder than just taking the preferred A levels for the degree she wants to do.
Of course it's her choice and I would rather she took subjects she enjoys.

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GladysKnight Thu 23-Nov-17 18:47:01

I think if the degree course does not require chemistry, then this will be accommodated in the teaching - ie no "extra" work as many students will be in the same position. Having done chemistry might make some bits easier - but not to the extent that anyone is hugely disadvantaged. If they don't require an A level subject at a particular uni, that's because you can manage their course fine without it!

I'm not quite sure what you are saying about Law, but again, I don't think law students get "extra" work as a result of not having done particular Alevels, if that's what you meant?


Jasmin82 Thu 21-Dec-17 07:19:03

I'm currently in 1st year Zoology and at uni, Biology, Human infectious diseases and Biology are almost identical in the 1st year (1 module difference on each course).
Depending on the university, there will be an overlap with other courses, so a basic understanding of chemistry to A-level would be required if it's an overlap with the Biochemistry and Biomedical sciences degrees. It can also come in handy for lab practicals as there's often pre-lab tests set which count towards the overall grade for the year.
If your DD isn't sure, you can check out the timetables on most uni websites on their student pages (you don't actually need to be a student to access them.)
For example, at our uni, first year Biology comprises of 6 modules, only a handful of classes (one of which isn't taken by the Biology students) need calculations and most decent lecturers will explain them in advance, or arrange a time to go through anything their students are having issues with. Also, your DD's personal tutor will be there to help as much as they can throughout her 3 years.

Whitlandcarm Fri 22-Dec-17 09:21:11

Friend received an offer for Biology at Imperial College London without A level Chemistry. He did sit it for AS but came away with a low grade (d I think) so dropped it. Didn’t manage to get AAA in the end though..

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