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When are graduation events typically announced?

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stonecircle Tue 07-Nov-17 22:13:42

DS2 graduates next summer. I’d like to know the date as early as possible so we can book a hotel. I don’t have much faith in him passing any details on to us quickly so I’ve started checking the university website from time to time.

But I wondered if anyone with graduate dcs could give me an idea how far in advance dates are usually announced?

EduCated Tue 07-Nov-17 23:05:34

It depends entirely on the institution, though is normally later than most people would imagine (often around March/April for July/Aug). That said, places can normally give you the date range (I.e. they will take place between these dates) earlier on, if not the actual date.

So basically, your DS will need to ask grin

stonecircle Tue 07-Nov-17 23:21:16

Thanks EduCated. I realise dates will differ from one institution to another - I was just after a rough idea. The week of graduation has been published for a long time, but that doesn’t help with hotel bookings. Unless I just book for the whole week and remember to cancel the dates we don’t need!

EduCated Tue 07-Nov-17 23:27:49

It's more complicated than it can look, in terms of numbers of students graduating being confirmed, matching numbers to times/dates, and then this having to go through ridiculous red tape formal approval by senior committees etc., so may be a while yet for a solid date, unfortunately!

ThisNameNow Wed 08-Nov-17 01:19:34

I look at when the previous years graduations are and book a hotel stay covering the same dates plus a week either side at a hotel where I can cancel the dates I don't want when the graduation dates are confirmed.

Pro tip 😉

Stopyourhavering Wed 08-Nov-17 03:37:37

Look at previous years dates on Uni website to get an idea
Each faculty usually has graduation on roughly same day
Generally dates are not confirmed until after Easter at the earliest ime and sometimes even later
You could try phoning faculty / departmental office
You could always book hotel with a no charge cancellation fee

Kez100 Wed 08-Nov-17 08:09:16

My DD dates were out quite early (maybe even as early as now) but they covered 3 days and we needed to know the right ceremony. As hers is a large venue and the whole graduating class from the School of Art was on a particular day, we could "second guess" the date and time. However she only had that date and time and number of guests accurately confirmed when booking tickets in June (for November).

I'd imagine different universities do it different ways as they have varying numbers and venue sizes.

CatAfterCat Wed 08-Nov-17 15:42:31

I did more or less what ThisNameNow said.
I already knew that hotel rooms were in short supply near the uni.
Around Feb the uni published the week of graduation. I looked back at when DDs subject was previous year and booked a hotel on a free cancellation.

Fadingmemory Thu 16-Nov-17 17:04:51

If you want to go out for a celebratory meal do book early. Six months ahead our first choice was already booked up and our second insisted on a £60 deposit.

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 17-Nov-17 17:14:08


Can I just ask when you made the bookings for dates around and including graduation. Did you do them all as separate bookings or one booking but just call and cancel the dates you didn't need?


stonecircle Fri 17-Nov-17 18:03:28

Good question Allthebest! DS’s uni has now published the week of graduation, but said the schedule won’t be available until March. I can’t find schedules from previous years to see if his subject is typically on a certain day.

I tried to book the whole week at a hotel which normally allows cancellation on the day, but for the week wanted payment up front. I didn’t think of doing each day separately but will see if that works.

I’m anxious because when we took him to Freshers every hotel room in his city was booked and we had to travel quite some distance to find overnight accommodation.

Allthebestnamesareused Fri 17-Nov-17 22:49:31

What city is it Stone Circle?

stonecircle Sat 18-Nov-17 00:35:27


NiceCardigan Sat 18-Nov-17 21:23:57

The date and time of DS’s graduation in June 2018 has been on the university website since before he went back for the new term - and we struggled to find a hotel as everywhere was full. We haven’t told DS we’ve already booked somewhere as we don’t want to stress him out! For the DDs it was all very last minute and we just had to book somewhere last minute.

stonecircle Sat 18-Nov-17 21:26:15

NiceCardigan - yes I don’t want to ask ds to make enquiries and add pressure.

I might try ringing the Faculty next week and see if they will give me a clue.

rogueantimatter Thu 23-Nov-17 10:22:07

Some of the hotel booking sites offer free cancellation on rooms, if that's any help.

mumeeee Mon 27-Nov-17 13:51:55

With my 3 DDs I found that Gradution ceremonies weren't announced until the final term.

dorislessingscat Wed 29-Nov-17 21:29:50

The faculty won't know, you need the central Events team.

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