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Anybody else's teenager applying for Musical Theatre next year?

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dancinfeet Thu 02-Nov-17 09:18:31

Anyone else in the same position who wants to share information and advice, or have a child who is studying Musical Theatre?
We are not in a position to fund her at one of the big full time dance / theatre schools, and the DADA awards for a funded place are fiercely competitive, so she is looking at Musical Theatre degree courses instead. Any advice on the finding the best Musical Theatre degree courses, or audition preparation would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou!

FANTINE2 Fri 03-Nov-17 14:12:59

You might like to visit the NOT A PUSHY MUM website. You will find lots of people on there who are going through the process.
It's very non judgemental too!

user1457824083 Fri 03-Nov-17 17:16:34

I second Notapushymum. My DD is going to be auditioning for Acting Ba courses this year, for the second time. Like you we have to stick to Student Loan funded courses but are making sure to only apply to conservatoire/drama school training. Last year she was offered a place on a Foundation course which was unfunded so we had to turn it down. ☹
Some of the big schools are Student Loan funded - Central, Italia Conti, GSA,
Make sure to research the courses each school offers, some are singing/acting others dance heavy. Good luck to your DD, it is a real roller coaster of a ride!

Dizzydora71 Sun 05-Nov-17 18:52:09

Hi my daughter is in her second year at Stella Mann doing a performing arts degree. Her course is costing £10,000 a year but only gets £6,000 paid by student loan as they don't consider performing arts important . She has to fund the other £4,000 through her maintenance loan and working . She found the first year hard and a few times wanted to come home as she lives in a shared house . But she is loving the second year the amount of coursework dramatically rises in second year so be prepared . Daughter had to give up working part time to fit all coursework in .

cathyandclare Tue 07-Nov-17 06:29:08

I've got two going for it this year, although mostly with a focus on acting, just a couple of MT courses on the list. DD2 is also applying to unis, DD1 is graduating this year from an academic degree and trying for MAs. Like you they're looking at the UCAS/conservatoire courses but their chances of getting into RADA/LAMDA/Bristol/Guildhall etc are small.

Friends are doing MT at Artsed (fees are higher than the loan though) Central, Bird, Urdang, Mountview and LCM. GSA also has a good reputation, apparently Italia Conti is launching a UCAS MT degree this year.

Good luck to your DD, is she going to try for the diploma courses too and hope for a DADA?

HRTpatch Tue 07-Nov-17 06:30:14

My dd is in her 3rd year at Chichester and loves it.

errorofjudgement Tue 07-Nov-17 18:52:37

Hi, we’re a year away from this as DD is in Y12, but watching with interest.
Wishing good luck to all over the next few months.

dancinfeet Fri 24-Nov-17 23:00:34

Hi cathyandclare, I am really trying to steer her away from the DADA route full stop. I don't want her to have to face the awfulness of passing an audition and being awarded a place to a vocational school only to have her hopes smashed if she doesn't get a DADA (this was me many years ago with dance college, and it broke my heart at the time, even though I did get to go to my second choice of college and still qualified as a dance teacher ).
I would rather her know that it all starts and stops with her Uni audition and A level results. I don't want lack of funding to be the reason why she cannot take up a place at her chosen college/Uni, I would rather that we didn't consider those schools in the first place.

HRTpatch, Chichester is my daughter's first choice of Uni! Which course is your daughter on? My daughter is really keen on the triple threat course, but was very disappointed that it is held at the rather dismal Bognor campus unlike all the other musical theatre courses that are over at Chichester. She preferred the Halls at Chichester too, but there doesn't seem to be a feasible way to stay at Chichester and make the 8.30am triple threat course start time over in Bognor five days a week. We went to an open day last month which she enjoyed, but I don't know what to do about the whole accommodation thing as she is adamant that she doesn't want to live in Bognor Regis!

DancingHipposOnAcid Mon 18-Dec-17 13:04:19

DD applying for MT BA courses this year. The independent application courses (Arts Ed, Mountview) qualify for student loan funding but fees are more than the loan. Others that you apply for through UCAS (Central, RADA, GSA) seem to be standard uni fees levels.

DD sadly no callback to Arts Ed but over the moon to get callback for Mountview last week, to take place in April. UCAS application just gone in so no feedback yet.

corythatwas Tue 19-Dec-17 08:33:55

It's a balance between her disappointment now and her disappointment if she comes out and can't get work. I would look very closely at how the alumni from the different places do in the industry. And look very closely at what loans are available for various schools: as Dancing and several others have pointed out, many of the big conservatoires do actually qualify for student loans.

Dd is into acting, so slightly different. But she has a lot of contacts with older students/people working in the industry, and her experience is that straight acting students who went the university route are regretting it now as they are struggling to get work and agents. May be different with MT, but I would investigate that first.

Also remember that if your dd is going into this world, she will need to be very good at coping with disappointment, because that is what this life is basically about: being criticised, being turned down, picking yourself up, being criticised... Dd is on a foundation course now- she had to wait 2 years, working and earning to even get that far- and she says it's already beginning to show which students weren't mentally prepared for that aspect of it.

Btw your dd should be encouraged to do as much of her own research as poss. That kind of savviness will stand her in good stead. Particularly if she can match it with a clear-headed estimation of where her own strengths lie.

user187656748 Tue 19-Dec-17 08:44:50

Does she have an agent now and is she getting work?

I know you don't need to be told this but its a really tough industry and so research as cory has said is key. But even then, the reality is that an enormous part of succeeding in the industry is luck. Or (and this cannot be underestimated) family connections.

DS1 acts and has had various tv/movie roles (but he is a bit younger). It is so difficult and the key is actually having experience. As an older actor unless you're on Spotlight it is very difficult to get experience but to get onto Spotlight you need the experience.

Experience, experience, experience.

corythatwas Tue 19-Dec-17 08:58:20

What user said, though I would add that having experience as a child actor does not necessarily translate into work as an adult, and conversely not having worked as a child doesn't necessarily mean you won't get work as an adult.

A good conservatoire can also be a good way of getting you out there; if you are outgoing and work hard at it, it's another setting for making contacts in the industry, if you don't happen to have the right family background. And they will do a proper showcase at the end, which a university might not do.

corythatwas Tue 19-Dec-17 08:59:29

Or to put it another way: you need acting experience to get into drama school, but not necessarily paid acting experience. At that point, they're looking for potential and a certain confidence + good attitude.

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