Uni lecturer interview -any advice about interviews or being a lecturer?

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LecturingLife Fri 20-Oct-17 17:33:38

I have an interview for a lecturer post coming up. Never really expected to be short listed to be honest.

Never worked in academia before. I currently work in industry directly related to the degree concerned. Job advert said it would be ideal for someone in this field to take up their first lecturing post. As well as working in this field I also teach people already qualified to ensure their skills, etc are up to date. So I have a lot of teaching experience, just not in a university setting.

I'm slightly clueless how to prepare for the interview. I have to do a micro teaching session which is fine. It's the actual interview I'm more concerned about. Obviously I would expect normal questions along the lines of why do you want to go into lecturering, why would I be good at the job, what challenges would I expect to come up against.

Would they expect me to know anything about the politics of higher education, combatting attrition rates, funding issues, etc??

I have no experience of marking assignments but I'm guessing I would be given guidance in this area.

How much time do lecturers spend teaching and how much time marking and preparing for lectures.

I know I would be expected to complete a teaching qualification but would there be pressure on me to finish my masters, do a PhD, do research, write articles? It's not a Russell group or even a red brick uni.

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PhilODox Fri 20-Oct-17 18:35:19

Hi, sorry I can't answer... but post your question on "academics corner" rather than HE, which is more aimed at the consumer side not the delivery side wink

I really don't think it's a good field to get into though... there's a rather eye-opening thread about students' expectations ATM...

LecturingLife Fri 20-Oct-17 19:54:25

Thanks, will come have a look.....didn't realise there was such a topic.

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