Starting a masters with a baby - getting into social work

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BubblesBuddy Sun 01-Oct-17 17:16:57

I think the local one but your working alongside should be social work related - not any random job. This would get you in a much better position for employment. It won't be about qualifications and your English degree won't count for much. It's what you do from now on that will matter.

mumoffour1716154 Sat 30-Sep-17 01:46:36

Enquire with the college/University about what financial support is available for childcare. you may qualify for a parental learning allowance as well as help with childcare costs

Jinglebells99 Fri 22-Sep-17 07:21:37

Do you have relevant work experience? In my experience, which was a while ago now, I did an MA at Sussex in Social Work which was also a diploma in social work but was also offered a B Phil at Exeter. They were more interested in my voluntary and relevant work experience. I'd worked as a full time volunteer in a therapeutic special school for children with emotional and behaviourial problems and then as a house parent in the school for a year. So in my experience, you'd be better off volunteering or getting a job in a social work field.

RedPandaMama Thu 21-Sep-17 17:42:46

Sorry this is long!

I'm 21, got pregnant in my final year of uni. I found pregnancy okay (not awful like some people but certainly not easy) but dealing with it alongside final year dissertation and exams, working 20 hours a week in retail, plus an unsupportive family, meant I finished my degree in English Language in June with a 2.2. It's from a very good university (top 10 in all the rankings) which gives it some weighting, but it's still not what I hoped for sad

I realised in the last year or so that I'd really love to go into social work. To do this I need a 2.1 OR a 2.2 plus a masters, so I'm going down the masters route. The MA doesn't have to be in social work specifically, and with a baby and bills to pay (1-2 years full time on a 10k loan, minus the fees would give me £3000 to live off over 2 years) is impossible in my situation. Instead I've looked into MA education which sounds great.

My dilemma is, do I do this from home via the Open University, or at a local university (Chester or a Manchester one)?

Open Uni: no childcare fees as it's from home, no commuting costs, flexible with time as all done online so easy to work PT around it. However: takes 2 years starting March 2018, and (my main issue) isolation - we recently moved to a new area and I dont know anyone here and I only see family once a week, so I feel like I'll really miss the personal experience of uni - speaking to tutors, group work, making friends etc.

Local university: more of a real uni experience, make friends and have a social life, more engaging to learn 'in real life', only takes one year (starting October 2018). However: would have to pay childcare costs & commute into the city/town, no flexibility in timetable so might be hard to work alongside.

Any advice?

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