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user1471462428 Sun 17-Sep-17 18:29:29

I have been thinking about my next step as I have been a nurse for nearly ten years. I would like to teach nursing and wondered if there any here who could recommend a teaching qualification to help me to do this? I did the SLIP module last year and got a first in my degree as a whole. Thanks

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BubblesBuddy Mon 18-Sep-17 13:36:50

I found lots of Nursing lecturer jobs on Indeed and I suggest you contact the Health Trusts and ask for further info. You may not need teaching qualifications for a Lecturing job because it is not a school but you may need higher qualifications than a first degree to progress further. I would ask what your local university requires and go from there. Coventry University required a Doctorate for a senior post but obviously you would have to start from the bottom and work up with experience and qualifications.

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