Help!!! Working with Children 5-11 (Edge Hill), Biological Studies (Surrey) or Sociology (Keele)?

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lccce Thu 31-Aug-17 19:21:58

Thanks all, I suppose I have listed the reasons against each one, will have to do the pros too.

titchy - yes, she has her science offer which was from ucas and then sociology was insurance but she double checked if she could still go and then edge hill is from their clearing.

titchy Thu 31-Aug-17 15:48:36

And is she actually holding offers from all 3?

titchy Thu 31-Aug-17 15:48:00

I'd forget the childhood one - won't help in any career except perhaps working for minimum wage in a nursery. I doubt all Bio sci graduates are in management roles if that's what's worrying her. Surrey does a placement year with most of its courses which would be useful.

hoyhoy44 Thu 31-Aug-17 14:19:39

has she done any work experience in any of the areas related to the courses ? is there a chance at any the unis to do a combined degree ?

i second writing a list of pros and cons of each course
Also besides the course look at each uni, distance from home and accommodation
if she plans to go this year i would think a lot of accommodation will be unavailable as this may affect her experience

have you visited any of the Unis or are you available to see them soon ? i would try and visit them, although there probably be any open days, you can contact someone at the uni who will assist you

Bobbybobbins Thu 31-Aug-17 12:59:34

Gosh, those are all very different options!

I would start with a list of benefits/drawbacks of each course, future prospects and the locations of the universities and go from there.

Iccce Thu 31-Aug-17 12:47:54

That was obviously supposed to say "Biological Sciences" confused

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Iccce Thu 31-Aug-17 12:43:14

These are DD's options... She really does need to decide!

She loves the idea of a career in biology (but doesn't want any kind of management role!?) so isn't sure if it's the right path for her?

She loves the modules in both the other courses and says she would really enjoy the course, but worries about the career after... She has social anxiety (which has improved massively after CBT) and at this stage, feels nervous at the thought of working with people and needing to be the one that gives advice (fine working with people, but doesn't want to be the one in charge) but thinks after uni, that might change.

She definitely wants to go this year (she took a gap year last year)...

Any advice would be fab smile thank you!

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