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worriedmum123 Wed 30-Aug-17 14:35:38

My daughter completed her A levels this year. She was offered a place at her first choice university but has decided not to go this year as she doesn't feel ready. She has also suffered MH problems which she is starting to receive treatment for.

She tried to defer her place but her request was turned down as she didn't meet the grades of the offer (she got ABB and the offer was AAB). As a result she will reapply next year (probably to the same universities). She did achieve the grades required by the other 4 universities on her UCAS form, including her insurance choice university which she would have been happy to go to.

Do you think the Universities will consider her next year? Has anyone got any advice on reapplying and how much explanation she will need to give about her decision to defer? She has a part time job and will be working. I don't think she has any other particular plans for a gap year but I guess it is still early days.

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OrlandaFuriosa Wed 30-Aug-17 15:09:54

Yes of course they will consider her: don't worry. No diff from other gap year candidates. V few places now agree to defer, no reason they should.

Don't worry either about not having a swanky gap year planned at this stage. Make sure she realises she's got to organise it, that she gets a mix of work/work experience and fun.

She should start working on her revised personal statement now and also get her applications in on time. But there's no point going if you've got serious doubts or don't want to: why waste the money? You might find that she discovers something else completely different during this year.

Pm me if you want.

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