Student Finance England - how long to sort?!

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zazas Sun 27-Aug-17 19:15:17

We sent through all the required documentation re Household Income Checks around the 20th July and we have just received letters (one to myself and one for husband) today (26th August) asking us to send the financial documents as they hadn't received them! However at the end of the letter is also says, "If you have already returned the Financial evidence form to us, you do not need to respond to this request."

So where are the forms? (I am assuming they are caught up in their system - as I sent the two letters separately and would have to assume that they both aren't 'missing'!) So how long do they take to sort this out? In your experience, as this is our first interaction with them. Will it be done by the time our DD starts university!

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chelseahotel Mon 28-Aug-17 13:01:44

Ours was all done online and came through within a week. We weren't asked for any paperwork.
Get your student DC to log in to their student loan account which should give some idea of progress.

LineysRun Mon 28-Aug-17 13:03:30

What chelsea said ^^ and check your own online account as well.

Millipedewithherfeetup Mon 28-Aug-17 16:53:36

Or phone them ! We sent the wrong years P60,s when my dd first applied for finance they did not tell us that though! So we assumed all was OK when we had the letter saying similar to yours. We called just to make sure ! Glad we did as it would of held up her funding.

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