Sixth form dilemma

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catslife Fri 25-Aug-17 13:58:46

For sixth forms, the admissions depends on the college themselves and the LEA are not involved.
dd started sixth form last year and even within the same city there were some differences. I think her first choice college had a "registration payment" which was about £25 that was forfeited if a student didn't turn up or dropped out within a month of starting the course. There wasn't the same penalty at other colleges though.
I would register with the first college as they definitely have spaces on the A level courses that he would like to take. It sounds to me as if the second college may be waiting for other pupils to drop out before taking late applications so may not have space available on his preferred courses.

Victronnix Fri 25-Aug-17 12:14:28

Thank you SO much for your help. You have really ended some anxiety for us!

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noblegiraffe Fri 25-Aug-17 11:54:16

I teach sixth form, it's not unusual for students to change their minds - admissions aren't centrally managed so no one knows if they are also registering elsewhere. It all sorts itself out in the first couple of weeks.

Victronnix Fri 25-Aug-17 11:41:10

Oh ok! So he will be fine to enrol today even though there's a slim chance that he will end up elsewhere?

Do you work in a college? Thanks so much for your reply!

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noblegiraffe Fri 25-Aug-17 11:15:54

Yes, kids switch between places and we don't know about it until they don't turn up on the first day of term.

Victronnix Fri 25-Aug-17 11:05:56

Hi everyone. First post! Also posted in Education but wasn't sure which was right place!

My son was set on a career as a chef but having spent a fortnight working as a sous chef and doing a 15 hour shift on a Saturday 😮 he's decided catering is not for him! So he's declined his place in catering college.
He's applied to two colleges late for a levels, one has been amazing and have offered him a place to do his three alevels. The other won't even look at his application until the 31st August. Trouble is, his enrolment meeting is today at one college, but the other college has a bus route through our village.

If we accept the place today and enrol him can he still change to the other college if they offer him a place? Have even phoned our LEA and they don't know the answer!

Would be so grateful for any advice on this.

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