Anyone got any advice over choosing between Portsmouth University or Keele University?

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Jinglebells99 Mon 21-Aug-17 07:58:33

My ds hasn't really had any plans for after year 13, he didn't apply through UCAS but has had unconditional offers for History. We visited Portsmouth, but the Keele offer was emailed too late to attend the open day yesterday. Anyone got experience of either? Thanks

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HSMMaCM Mon 21-Aug-17 08:00:53

I don't know anything about Keele, but you could contact them. Some unis have walking tours of campuses or have an open campus you can explore.

You don't get to see your department, but it gives you a good feel for the place.

Jaimx86 Mon 21-Aug-17 08:02:37

I work with an association linked with Keele, so spend quite a bit of time on campus. What would your son like to know?

Jaimx86 Mon 21-Aug-17 08:02:55

I work with an association linked with Keele, so spend quite a bit of time on campus. What would your son like to know?

MarmaladeAtkinsX Mon 21-Aug-17 08:04:28

If I remember Keele is a campus uni and used to be quite isolated. Portsmouth is well connected and easy to get to shops, nightclubs and socialise. I couldn't comment on academics, it's been far to long!

BonnieBlueButler Mon 21-Aug-17 08:07:37

I went to Keele. It's been a while ago now - I graduated in 2001! I loved it though. Beautiful campus with a real 'university' feel. Not sure if it's still the same but when I went you could do dual hons combining most subjects which I thought was a real advantage. I did well there and got a good degree that has served me well. The library was excellent. Accommodation was good.

Any other things you'd like to know?

BonnieBlueButler Mon 21-Aug-17 08:10:03

Keele is quite isolated but there is a thriving SU and shops on campus. Plus it's only a bus ride into Stoke/Newcastle/Hanley.


VivienneWestwoodsKnickers Mon 21-Aug-17 08:12:32

I went to Portsmouth and loved it. Great city for a student, uni with an excellent reputation these days. Don't know the academic history standard though.

TheSecondOfHerName Mon 21-Aug-17 08:12:59

The History teaching at Keele is rated quite a lot higher than the one at Portsmouth in both the rankings DS1 looked at (Guardian and CUG).

NataliaOsipova Mon 21-Aug-17 08:13:09

If it makes a difference, in the days when they had universities and polytechnics (so The University of Liverpool was the university and Liverpool John Moore University was the polytechnic; Oxford Brookes was Oxford Polytechnic etc), Keele was a university and Portsmouth wasn't. So, without knowing anything about the course DS is thinking about etc, purely on that basis Keele might be more highly regarded.

LIZS Mon 21-Aug-17 08:28:26

Keele is definitely the more established of the two, as a university and the course. You need to visit though a sit is a campus uni. Are there any other options in clearing? Would he be prepared to apply for 2018 with a wider choice?

ByseddSosij Mon 21-Aug-17 08:40:23

Keele Uni is great,beautiful campus and very friendly.Son will be in his third year there come September.

sluj Mon 21-Aug-17 13:25:01

All I can remember from our visit last year to Keele was that the non ensuite 1st year campus accommodation appeared to have one toilet, basin and shower between 8-12 people. Not even a basin in their rooms.
Perhaps not the most important fact......

Allthebestnamesareused Mon 21-Aug-17 13:28:14

My nephew has just finished at Keele and really enjoyed it there (not history though) - English and American Literature. He even got to go to the US to study.

sashh Mon 21-Aug-17 15:29:48

Keel is sort of isolated but there are lots of bars/eating places on campus and it is easy to get to Stoke and from there by train to most places.

I've never been to Portsmouth uni but I don't think much of the town.

My Keele graduation was the most organised I have ever been to and much shorter, that might be useful to parents.

You arrive at graduation, graduand turns right to get gown and tickets, guests walk in a straight line to one of the aforementioned bars and you meet up there.

Lots of people on my course had done their first degrees at Keele and loved it.

Sots of grass, trees and squirrels, it is also a bit of a bubble.

I think if academics are equal and I don't know that for History then one is a campus (Keele) where you get the full uni/campus experience and never need to leave the campus (there are shops, post office supermarket) but the other (Portsmouth) allows you to not always be a student IYSWIM.

Sunnydaysrock Mon 21-Aug-17 15:40:03

I met my husband while we were both at Portsmouth uni in the 90s. Other family members have since attended. All of us loved it and have gone on to do well. My neice is currently doing a masters at Bournemouth. Portsmouth/Southsea is a s fantastic place to live, so much going on. I never left the area to go back home, so we are heading to Victorious festival there this sat. Great bars, restaurants and shops. As one of the 'old polys' it has a great reputation.

Jinglebells99 Mon 21-Aug-17 15:52:13

thanks for views. We are going to visit Keele on Thursday . They have an offer holders day then. i did like Portsmouth as a city and the environment but my son thinks that the course modules look more interesting at Keele.

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hellsbells99 Mon 21-Aug-17 18:29:26

Keeled is a beautiful campus. I think 2nd years tend to live round Newcastle Under Lyme.

BubblesBuddy Mon 21-Aug-17 23:07:09

Where else could he go if he applied for 2018? History is one of those degrees where university counts for a lot in the jobs market, so is he taking second best now he has his results? I was talking to someone today whose granddaughter has just got A*A*A to read Chemistry but the course requires ABB and she could do better. As it's Chemistry it may not matter one jot, but for History it could and also look closely at modules. They vary a lot. Does he have any career in mind?

Headofthehive55 Wed 23-Aug-17 09:14:20

The accomodation is very inexpensive around keele.
Absolutely beautiful campus, has a stately home on it.
Always was a small uni. Was set up by an Oxford uni academic originally.

Jinglebells99 Wed 23-Aug-17 13:47:25

Thanks for all advice. I'm looking forward to going to visit tomorrow. I think my son is also feeling nervous about making friends and course difficulty after A levels. And student loans etc.

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DOLLYDAYDREAMER Thu 24-Aug-17 17:29:22

I would say that the course modules are the most important thing. An ensuite bathroom will not improve your grades. Enjoying the course will. Dont let him think that it is a second best Uni. If he can come out with a 2.1 then he can hold his head high.

HollyBuckets Mon 28-Aug-17 14:12:05

In the Humanities there's no question of the superiority of Keels over Portsmouth. Keele was one of the "new" red bricks set up in the 60s, togetwith York, Lancaster and Sussex. It's a hidden gem, in my view.

The teaching is research-led and they do some interesting interdisciplinary work which is increasingly important for flexibility in the years to come.

Portsmouth? Not so much I'm afraid I have 2 colleagues who are refugees from humanities at Portsmouth I don't teach at Keele btw, but I have good friends who do. They are excellent.

rennieroo Mon 28-Aug-17 14:26:19

I live in Portsmouth and studied Geography at Portsmouth Uni. I love the city, there's so much to do especially as a student. A friend of mine went to Keele to study history and moved straight back here after.

hoyhoy44 Mon 28-Aug-17 18:00:25

hope the visit went well, dd has a few friends who went to Keele and they really enjoy the University feel compared to others who have gone to larger cities

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