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Parmaviolets13 Mon 14-Aug-17 17:34:28

I am a 'mature' student going back to college this year with the view of going to university next September (and commuting from home).

My question is, what would I be entitled to loan/grant wise?
I have no children but own my own home with my DP. I've heard about maintenance grants, and obviously student loans. Someone mentioned a commuting loan/grant, too?

Can anyone shed some light please? This seems like a rather grabby thread but I need to know it's doable and I won't lose my house! My partner will still be working but his wage is very low.

Thanks 😁

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Parmaviolets13 Mon 14-Aug-17 20:43:02

Hopeful bump sad

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Travelledtheworld Mon 14-Aug-17 20:50:43

Sorry don't really know but I didn't want to leave you feeling all alone in the world.
But this is your starting point.

but much depends on the course you want to study and where it is because many universities offer grants and bursaries for different courses and for different types of applicants. There may also be small grants available to you locally through various educational trusts and grant diving bodies, start googling !
Good Luck.

Allthebestnamesareused Thu 17-Aug-17 10:33:26

Also look at website.

As a solicitor and parent of 2 kids who have had student finance I researched it quite a lot and found their guide not only comprehensive but written in clear basic English.

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