Who/how would student grant be repaid if parental income goes over threshold?

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Countrygardener21 Fri 11-Aug-17 18:22:15

We're in Wales, so will be dealing with Student Finance Wales.

I was made redundant a year ago, and am now self-employed and working on a freelance basis, with my current main contract running only until January.

Mine and DH's income now might mean DD would be eligible for a grant rather than loan for her final year at university - it's difficult to tell at this stage how much I'll earn as I'm self-employed.

I can see we can self-declare estimated earnings for this year rather than them go on last year's income.

If she has a grant and then I find out my contract extends (or I take up a different one) and my income has taken us over the threshold, would they add it to her loan, or would we have to stump up the overpayment as cash?

Thanks for any advice - it's too late to phone the helpline today, and in the past I have been given wrong information by Student Finance Wales.

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