Has anyone still not received confirmation of loan etc from the SLC?

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quickychangearound Wed 02-Aug-17 12:37:41

We are still waiting here. Admittedly he did leave it to the very last minute to apply (end May) but it was, just, in time for the cut off.

Logged in last week and the website still says it's "processing," or in progress or something..

Anyone else?

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Ninabean17 Wed 02-Aug-17 12:43:11

Do you mean student finance? You should have had a confirmation letter which you sign and send back. After that the online bit will just say processing until the first payment has been made.

quickychangearound Wed 02-Aug-17 12:49:04

He applied for the loan online and then had to print off something with his signature and send it back to them. It says online that they have received this letter.

Since then we haven't heard anything - certainly no confirmation of funding...

Just wondered if anyone else is still in the same boat or if it's an indication that something has gone awry?

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crazycatgal Wed 02-Aug-17 13:26:22

I would ring them up just to check. I've had problems with my application in the past and haven't known anything about the problems until I rang up myself.

A word of warning - some of the SFE advisors are great but some are god awful.

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