hand hold please - course change?

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GoatsFeet Mon 22-May-17 11:24:07

Generally, if a university thinks that an applicant would flourish, then they'll try to keep them. So I'd be cautiously optimistic, if I were your DD.

But we're head& shoulders deep into marking, so the Admissions Tutors for the Department/programmes may be a tad busy at the moment ...

noideawhattocallmyself Mon 22-May-17 09:56:13

my daughter confirmed her choice and insurance a few weeks ago for a course which is quite heavy on language (as well as culture and history) - she's been thinking it over and has decided she'd rather not do the language element and transfer her firm choice (if possible) onto a similar course with additional global info but no language - still at the same uni.
She sent a (quite well thought out) mail yesterday to admissions with her reasons and offered to rewrite her personal statement if required. So.... do you know of anyone who has done this before - what are the chances of them letting her transfer.
I know I can't do anything more than she's already done but a hand hold / reassurance would be nice.

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